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How To Choose The Best Garage Floor Mat

Best Garage Floor Mats

buy tool organizersGarage floor mats make your garage a safer, non-slippery and a better-looking place. You may think that buying a garage mat is an easy task. However, there are so many different options available in the market that it is not such a straightforward task. Considering these factors below will help you to make an informed and correct decision.

Garage Floor Mat Must-Have Features

Size of the Floor Mat

Firstly, evaluate your needs in terms of size. It is not a good idea buying a garage mat without checking the needed size first. You need to ask yourself whether you are looking for a garage mat that covers the entire garage floor or just the area where you park your vehicle. Some brands offer multiple sizes that you can custom order. If you have doubts about the necessary size, the best option is to get interlocking garage mat, which you can install as needed.

Floor Mat Materials

Material is another essential factor to consider when shopping for a garage floor mat. How easy the mat can be cleaned all depends on the material that the garage mat is composed of, the water-resistance, absorbency level. There are two main types of equipment used in garage floor mats: plastic and a combination of synthetic fabrics and vinyl polymers.

The plastic-type garage mats offer you a high level of water resistance, but only fabric-based ones offer absorbency levels. If you are looking for a garage mat to prevent leakages on to the garage floor, then choose the plastic. But if you want the garage mat to absorb oil and water then look for a mat made of fabric-based material.


Adhesive Capability of the Floor Mat

Regardless of its other features such as water resistance, a garage mat is useless if it cannot stay in place. For sure, you do not want the garage mat to move while you are parking your car. Some of the options will require adhesive tapes to stay in place, while others have a polymer backing that sticks easily to the garage floor without any additional support.

Before purchasing a garage mat, make sure that the manufacturer provides the necessary fastening, to avoid buying it separately. Some options stay in place due to their heavyweight.

Your Purpose for the Garage Mat

The mats are for different purposes: some for preventing water soiling, some to protect against oil leaks and mud, and others are for people to kneel on quickly while working on their cars. When shopping for a garage mat, think of your needs and your purpose for garage mat.

Depending on your individual needs, one-floor mat might be better than another. Consider the above factors and choose a garage floor mat that matches your needs.

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