Wall Mount Screwdriver Holder

Wall Mount Screwdriver Holder

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Where is "the" screwdriver you need when you try to find it?

Are all your screwdrivers in one spot but unorganized? Hence you end up wasting your valuable time searching for the right one. Or maybe you’ve just lost them? Whatever your situation may be, you do not have to be unprepared. The Olsa Tools Premium Screwdriver Organizer holds up to 14 screwdrivers, spanner, extensions, ratchets, pliers and other small tools so that you never lose sight of your tools again! No need to remove everything from your tool storage just to find the right tools, 'cos this Wall Mounted Screwdriver Organizer will do it for you!

Holds all your various screwdrivers or small tools in one place and makes it easy to put on and remove.

The clips hold the screwdrivers tightly in place. This organizer offers plenty of space for long, short, stubby, or off-set screwdrivers or even your spanners, extensions, ratchets, pliers and other small tools. This tray is a great addition to tool chests of professionals and serious DIY mechanics, and a very useful thing to have in every home.

What’s included?:

- (1) Premium Wall Mounted Screwdriver Organizer 
- (14) Clips