Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors help us to better showcase our professional-quality products. Every three months we open up applications for new Ambassadors to help continue to grow Olsa Tools.

Poor Man Mods - Mike F

For the past 15 years Mike has been a mechanical tinkerer, modifying, repairing and building cars for his personal YouTube channel as a hobby, professionally building cars/trucks for another YouTube channel and working in the manufacturing industry repairing and overhauling equipment

"Having the right tool can literally change your life. Olsa Tools is aware of this which is why they have innovative organization solutions to clean up your tool box and high-quality tools. Olsa Tools will help you get the job done."

As a YouTuber, his goal is to educate and entertain and help improve people’s lives and jobs. Being an ambassador, his goal is the same: he wants to help improve the lives of his fellow mechanics and wrench turners by showing them the innovative tools and solutions that Olsa Tools has to offer so that they can increase productivity, save time, save money and have an overall better experience with the help of Olsa Tools.

The Bearded Jeeper - Kyle L

Kyle Loring is a self taught mechanic who grew up watching his dad work on the family vehicles. As he got older, he and his dad would work on cars together and his passion to learn more only grew from there. From making modifications to his own Jeeps for off-roading, to helping family and friends with vehicle repairs to help them save money, Kyle takes pride in every vehicle he works on.

Kyle decided to try his luck at becoming an Olsa Tools ambassador because he’s always looking for good quality tools that he can review and share on his YouTube channel. Olsa Tools’ mission to get tools into the hands of your everyday mechanic, rather than focusing on the bottom line, really appealed to Kyle and he knew that that was something he could honourably represent.

Chad Myers

"My mother always told the story that she would come home and I had taken apart the toaster or another appliance just to see if I could put it back together. With a flare for making things bigger, better or faster, I have been customizing cars, trucks and bikes as long as I can remember."

At the age of 12, Chad purchased his first bike and that is when his love of tools began!

As a car and truck enthusiast (he has owned over 40 vehicles since he was 14) Chad’s son kept urging him to do a walk around video of his current truck and that is when the ChadMyers73 YouTube Channel was born.

“Through my YouTube channel, I began this partnership with OlsaTools when I found their plier racks and a great partnership was born. I’m looking forward to being a Olsa Tools Brand Ambassador.”

Rocky TV - Josh K

Hey everyone! My name's Josh and I’ve been working on projects and my own builds ever since I got my license. I grew up helping my dad build his project cars and when I was old enough to drive I got myself a Jeep. That decision has lead to years of building Jeeps and building a few different Jeeps for off-roading. That lead me to create what has become Rocky TV and build my projects for an audience to see! I’m super excited to give Olsa Tools a try.

I’m always searching for the best tools that won’t fail me when I need them most working in the shop I also love sharing my experiences with various tools on my social media pages and YouTube channel for others to check out! One big thing I look for when working with a company or purchasing products from a company is their customer service and how much they stand behind their products. I was very happy when I talked to Olsa Tools to find out Just how much they back their products and how awesome their Customer service is! Im super excited to try out these tools and take my followers along for the journey giving them reviews and feedback along with some awesome content! 

Want To Become An Ambassador?

Every three months we look for new ambassadors to partner with. If selected you'll receive free productpaid compensation and insider access into the day to day of Olsa Tools' operations! We are not looking for ambassadors currently. Please check back in May when we will be reopening applications.