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What Types Of Ratchets Are The Best For Mechanics: A Guide For Professionals

In the mechanic industry, the selection of ratchets is vast. They are a mechanic's tool of choice due to their adaptability and time-saving design. With so many types of ratchets available in the market, do you know which best suits your job? This guide will give you the insights you need before investing any of your hard-earned cash in the best ratchet for mechanics.

What Are Ratchets? 

Ratchets and ratcheting wrenches are used for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts. Different from traditional spanners, the gears in ratcheting tools allow you to tighten or loosen fasteners without having to repeatedly place the tool onto the fastener, saving you time and frustration, especially when working in tight spaces.

Types Of Ratchets 

Ratchet Combination Wrench Set

The types of ratchets and their drive sizes feature different benefits and uses for multiple types of work. ratchet combination wrench saves your time by not having to remove the wrench to change directions. 

A split beam torque wrench is one of the best ratchet for mechanics as it gives you ±4% accuracy to do different jobs and measures the torque within a greater range and go from 0 to over 1000 ft-lb maximum. A click torque wrench is very precise, allowing you to easily set the desired torque value while also having a torque range, usually up to 150ft-lb.  Lastly, a swivel head ratchet gives you a total of 270 degrees to assist with a wide range of angles, making it easy to get sockets out of tight spaces effortlessly. 

Olsa Tools Split Beam Torque Wrench

Swivel Head Ratchet: The Perfect Multi-Purpose Ratchet 

Different from other types of ratchets, the swiveling head of this ratchet is convenient when it comes to spinning nuts or bolts on and off quickly. Our 3 piece set offers 1/2, 3/8, and 1/4" drives that give you a wider range of uses in your day-to-day jobs for various situations. Jobs like brake and suspension work, engine repairs, tune-ups, belt changes and many other tasks that mechanics do daily. The split fork design in our swivel head ratchets allows for the tool to have a slight amount of flex that enables it to bear a higher amount of torque without breaking.

This is one of the best ratchet for mechanics; the 90-tooth round head of these ratchets translates to an extremely small 4-degree swing-arc, meaning that you can get a higher range of motion in even the tightest situations.

Best Ratchet For Mechanics

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This professional ratchet set is made of Molybdenum steel which is unbreakable (under intended use). It exceeds ASME specifications by 150%, meaning that the 1/2, 3/8, and 1/4" inch drive ratchets can handle 563, 225 and 56 ft-lb of torque, respectively.  All of our tools offer a limited lifetime warranty and are professionally tested. Our swivel head ratchets, like our entire lineup of tools, cut out the middleman that the big brands have, making our tools more affordable without compromising on the performance of our full product lineup.

Make sure that when looking for any type of ratchet, look for professional quality, the best price and a warranty to support their claims of professional quality. At Olsa Tools, our professional-grade products have all the benefits you’re looking for in the best ratchet for mechanics. You can check out the swivel head ratchet and our selection of ratchets below:

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Swivel Head ratchet - Types Of Ratchets

Ratcheting Wrench Set

Flex Head Ratchet

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