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How to Choose the Best Car Ramp?

Kima Sargsyan @ Dec 24, 2019

Buyers Guide: Best Car Ramp If you are a car mechanic or a DIYer that need to work underneath the vehicle for a long period of time, then car ramps are a perfect tool to help you. Car ramps compared to jack stands, offer you more safety and stability. Before purchasing a car ramp, you need to know what makes a good car ramp. Below we present some important qualities that you should look for in a good quality car ramp. Car Ramp Features Maximum Weight Capacity When you are looking for a car ramp, first of all, you need...

Mechanic Gloves Buying Guide

Kima Sargsyan @ Dec 22, 2019

Best Mechanic Leather Gloves When it comes to mechanic gloves often you are confronted with too much choice and too many options. Depending on work you are going to perform there are so many features that you need to consider when shopping for a new pair of mechanic gloves. Here are the top features that you need to consider before buying a mechanic glove. Mechanic Leather Gloves Features  Cut resistance For any mechanic or DIY enthusiast safety should be a top priority. Safety is the reason why it is so important to have a glove that will protect your hands...

Tire Lever Spoon Buyers Guide

Kima Sargsyan @ Dec 06, 2019

 How to Find the Best Tire Lever Spoon You may argue that you can remove a car tire with the help of a screwdriver and other sharp tools, but guess what there is a smart option for this job — a tire spoon explicitly designed to remove car tires. When removing a tire without a tire spoon you risk to end up with a damaged tube. Besides a punctured machine, the tire can snap back and hurt your hands if you are not careful. A tire spoon allows you to get the job done fast and efficiently. In today’s overcrowded...

How to Choose a Bottle Jack

Kima Sargsyan @ Dec 02, 2019

Best Bottle Jack for Your Shop If you are looking for a durable weigh lifter that at the same time has a compact design then look no further, you need a bottle jack. The bottle jacks are reliable and convenient tools to lift vehicles and even help you to work on construction projects. They are easy to use, and due to its compact design, bottle jacks are portable and can be easily stored in most vehicles. Before buying one, you need to understand how bottle jacks work so that you can choose the correct one. Important Bottle Jack Features Weight...

Best Torque Screwdrivers | Buyers Guide

Kima Sargsyan @ Nov 29, 2019

Buying a Torque Screwdriver: 6 Best Features You may be familiar with torque wrenches and may have used them to tighten bolts and fasteners to a specific tightness when you need to avoid damaging the underlying material. But what if you need to tighten a screw to a specific tightness? Well, for that reason there are hand tools such as torque screwdrivers, which are able to tighten the screws to desired tightness with a low tolerance of error. Taking into consideration the small tolerance of error, it is extremely important to choose the right tool for the job. Not all...

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