Plier Organizer Rack For Tool Box Drawer

Plier Organizer Rack For Tool Box Drawer

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Where are “the” pliers you need when you try to find them?

Are all your pliers in one of your tool box drawers but all mixed up? Your tools do not have to be mixed up anymore! The Olsa Tools Pliers Organizer holds 16 pliers so that you never have to search through a pile of them before you find the right one! It allows for a quick find of “the” pliers you need when you need them!

Organize your tools so you quickly find the one you need! The Olsa Tools Pliers Rack will maximize your storage space by organizing your pliers

Some Features

  • ★ HEAVY DUTY all steel construction
  • ★ HOLDS 16 Pliers
  • ★ COATED in red to protect steel and prevent pliers from slipping
  • ★ ORGANIZE your tool box plier drawer and maximize storage use
  • ★ FITS small to medium size pliers, not big ones

    How it places your pliers?

    Fits any length pliers in one place and makes it easy for removal and insertion. Small precision pliers and pliers that are spring opened might not fit or might not stand straight in tool rack. You can place the rack at the rear of the drawer and your pliers will stay in place when you shut the drawer or you may also place the rack along the side of the drawer but it might slide when you shut the drawer. The rack is made of 3mm steel wire and coated to last a lifetime.

    What’s included ? 

    Pliers Rack with 16 slots