Rolled up Olsa Tools toolbox drawer liner with a slight part of the toolbox liner laying flat.
Tool box liner with wrenches, showing off the non adhesiveness of this drawer liner. Easy to keep all your tools neat and tidy.
Non adhesive closeup of the high quality non-slip PVC material of the Olsa Tools toolbox liner
Closeup of the heavy duty thickness of the toolbox liner
An orange toolbox with the Olsa Tools black nonslip toolbox liner inside the drawer. The toolbox liner has 4 wrenches and 3 screwdrivers being gripped in place by the liner.
A mechanic in blue coveralls using the Olsa Tools toolbox liner with a single wrench being gripped by the liner.
Showing off the durability of the toolbox liner by trying to rip it apart. With its high durability, this toolbox liner could not be ripped.
Tool Box Liner

Tool Box Liner, Drawer Liner, and Shelf Liner | 3mm Thick | Premium Non Adhesive Non-Slip Foam Mat Tool Chest Liner

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The Perfect Toolbox Liner For Your Workspace

Let's admit it; your tools are definitely an expensive investment for your garage or workspace.

So why should they be left untouched, unattended, piled up, and messy? With a  pile of messy tools, you risk the possibility of damaging your expensive tools.

Protect and organize your expensive investments and keep them working for a lifetime with the Olsa Tools tool box drawer liner.


Strong 3mm Thick Material

The Olsa Tools industrial-grade tool chest liner is extremely thick (3mm) and can withstand your toughest and heaviest tools.

We have no doubt that this tool box liner will be the most durable you've ever seen.

Never worry about breaking or tearing your other brand name tool chest liners again.

Protect Your Tools 

Why leave your tools vulnerable? Don't scratch and clash your expensive tools — this tool chest drawer liner features tough, textured PVC foam material that grips on all of your tools as you open your toolbox.

Nobody wants scratched up tools.

Easily Adjustable

The nonadhesive material on the Olsa Tools cabinet liner lets you easily reposition or relocate it wherever you need. If you need to adjust the size, all you need to do is simply cut it to size with a pair of scissors or a razor.

Multiple Uses

Not only is the heavy duty nonslip Olsa Tools liner great for toolboxes; you can use it ANYWHERE! Perfect for your cabinet, kitchen drawer, wire shelf or shelving, truck toolboxes, and more.

Olsa Tools Trust

We strive for the ultimate customer experience and offer a money-back guarantee.

At Olsa Tools, we stand behind quality you can trust.

If your new tool box drawer liner has any sort of manufacturer's defects, we will replace it for you FREE OF CHARGE.