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This thing is wonderful. Very well made. won't rust and has just the right tension. I just put the triple set in my cart. 1/2, 3/8, & 1/4". Nice savings that way.

John N

... solid aluminum and extremely strong and lightweight. The sockets slide perfectly, not sloppy or hard to slide.

R. Davila

I like the feel of the rails, they feel really sturdy. I will probably buy more in the near future and I highly recommend for anyone who wants to organize their tool box or use at work


These are nice units. I bought a couple and will buy again. I like that they can be anchored all over my shop.

Mark Hepburn

I love this little organizer. Keeps all my bits organized and ready for use. Very convenient and gets the job done perfectly.


Great products holds wrenches well. Mounts easy. I hang my flex head gear wrenches from this.


Plier Organizer Rack

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When you’re serious about saving your sockets, your time, and your money, you need to check out this organizer!


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Achieve a Clutter-Free Workstation!

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