Welcome to the Future of Tool Organization

Welcome to Toolgrid™, where organization becomes an art form. Elevate your workspace, showcase your tools, and redefine efficiency on your terms. Toolgrid™ is not just a tool organizer; it's your canvas for creating a workspace that reflects your unique style and boosts your productivity.

Toolgrid drawer

Your Tools, Your Style

Toolgrid™ empowers you to organize your tools by type, job function, or your personal work style.

Completely Modular

Fully customizable and infinitely configurable, Toolgrid™ is a series of patented tool holders and boards that revolutionize organization.

Super Adaptable

Effortlessly reposition, remove, or add new tools as your requirements evolve.

Fully Customizable, Infinitely Configurable

Discover the freedom of customization with Toolgrid™.

Our patented tool holders and boards redefine organization by securely holding your tools in place. The pins on each holder effortlessly align with the thousands of holes on the Toolgrid™ board, offering infinite layout possibilities and complete modularity.

Setting up your ideal workspace has never been this easy.

Fully customizable Toolgrid drawer

Effortless Setup, Secure Lockdown

Setting up your Toolgrid™ is a breeze.

Once your perfect layout is achieved, our T20 screws secure the holders in place, ensuring a rock-solid foundation for your tools.

Efficiency has never been so secure.

Fully customizable Toolgrid drawer

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