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When it comes to torque wrenches, there are different types available designed for specific needs and jobs. When used correctly, torque wrenches can deliver awesome results to your tasks, so in this article, we are going to dive into one of the most used types, the split beam torque wrench design. These insights will help you to understand the benefits and limitations of split beam torque wrenches as well as how to use them.

What is a Split Beam Torque Wrench?

split beam torque wrench

A split beam torque wrench is a tool used in the tightening of bolts and nuts. Unlike other types of torque wrenches, split beam torque wrenches utilize a unique mechanism that allows users to read torque values on a separate scale rather than the main scale used for tightening. This feature creates a loud click sound and splits at the joint when the desired torque value is achieved, which makes it possible to deliver the torque value accurately, regardless of the angle or position of the tool.

You can find a wide range of accuracy ranges, however, electronic torque wrenches tend to be the most accurate ones, but the price is considerably higher than a beam torque wrench. That’s why the best split beam torque wrenches are a cost-effective way to get precise results during projects. The Olsa Tools split beam torque wrench is ±4% CW certified DIN ISO accurate, and it is designed for heavy-duty and professional environments. 

Split Beam Torque Wrench Advantages

So, here are the advantages of using a split beam torque wrench:

  • It is accurate to do different jobs: the split beam torque wrenches sometimes have as high as 2 percent accuracy.
  • The tool measures the torque from 0 to maximum.
  • Some torque wrenches are suitable to measure torque in both directions.
  • It is simple and easy to use.

Split Beam Torque Wrenches Disadvantages

On the other hand, the disadvantages are not too many:

  • To ensure the tool is always accurate you need to periodic maintenance.
  • It can be slower than other types of torque wrenches, as you need to take time to read the separate scale.

How to use the Split Beam Torque Wrenches

split beam torque wrench use case

As mentioned, using a beam torque wrench is simple and easy. There are two simple steps to follow:

  1. Make sure the scale shows zero. Input the desired torque level into the wrench scale. Remember always to consult the manufacturer’s instructions as applying too much torque can damage the bolt or fastener.
  2. Attach the socket to the bolt in order to tighten or loosen it. Turn in a clockwise direction to tighten the bolt. Stop once you reach the required amount of torque.

Before you buy your next split beam torque wrench, make sure to look for a professional-grade tool. The Olsa Tools split beam torque wrench is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You can check out split beam torque wrench and related tools below: 

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