2022 Customers’ Best Tool Modifications

2022 Customers’ Best Tool Modifications

Have you ever considered customizing YOUR tools? Tool modification is something that you definitely will face (or have faced) as a mechanic. Having modified tools is a great way to save some money by not buying a specialized tool for when getting access to where you need or completing a specific task. 

Yes, they are usually ugly as a sin, but most of the time they get the job done right. Here is a countdown list of 8 of the most creative custom tools made by some of our customers.

Tool Mod 8

A large gas strut compressor tool to compress the gas strut for installation


Tool Modification: Long Reach Key
 Long reach key


Tool Modification: Wrenches

Wrenches for reaching around corners. Just a couple of seconds with a torch and they become whatever you need! 

Tool Modification: T-Handle Wrench

T-handle socket extension


Tool Modification: U-Joint Socket

Custom u-Joint socket 


Tool Modification: Crescent Wrench

Extra wide jaw crescent/adjustable wrench 


Tool Modification: Locking Nut Tool

Valve adjustment and locking nut tool


Tool Modification: U-shape Ratchet

And… the ultimate winner!  An ingenious u-shape ratchet


These are serious craftsmanship and will help you get inspired to do your own modifications—or not. If messing with your tools’ lifetime warranty is simply not an option for you, remember that Olsa Tools always has your back when it comes to getting professional-quality products for your mechanic projects. 

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