What to Look for in Professional Hand Tools?

What to Look for in Professional Hand Tools?

 Are you constantly looking for new durable hand tools to use and abuse? If so, before making your next purchase, there are some factors you may first want to evaluate from a professional quality point of view.

There is nothing like a helpful hand tool to get projects done smoothly and safely, but not all tools are designed to last. We will focus on tools that are designed for professionals so that you can get insights on how to choose a tool that will exceed your expectations.

Professional Use

High-grade tools are engineered to stand up to not only occasional use, but to withstand constant everyday use in a professional environment. To be considered “professional-grade” they generally meet three criteria: appropriate high-quality materials, conformance to industry standards, and quality assurance through standardized testing procedures. 

When it comes to the durability of a product, the quality of the materials is a huge determinant. In order for a tool to perform correctly, hand tool manufacturers rely on a selection of the perfect materials. Metals such as Chromium Vanadium, Chromium-Molybdenum, SVCM steel, and high carbon steel, are most commonly used for various high-end hand tools and each have different properties which make them best suited to their particular job. 

At Olsa Tools, we not only craft our products using those professional-grade materials, but on top of that we test all our products in professional, heavy-duty service shops. All of our hand tools meet (and typically exceed) ASME™ & ISO standards to ensure safety, reliability, productivity, and efficiency.

Lifetime Warranty

Olsa Tools Lifetime Warranty

What is the point of getting a tool if you do not have the peace of mind that it will last you a lifetime? A lifetime warranty shows you that a brand is willing to stand behind its products. For the customer, a lifetime warranty offers assurance that a product will be repaired or replaced should there be a fault in workmanship or materials; for the manufacturer, it provides an incentive to have excellent quality control with the goal of delivering only the best quality products to the hands of its customers. 

What tool company would give you a lifetime warranty if it wasn’t confident about its tools? This promise delivers incredible value to your hand tool investment so you can be confident in spending your hard-earned money once, and only once. 

Olsa Tools not only provides a limited lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee, but we also offer a 90-day risk-free return policy! We are that confident that the quality and reliability of our products will exceed your expectations! You have 90 days to test your purchase and decide if you like the tool. You can always email support@olsatools.com if you wish to make a return.


Comparative Chart

Most shoppers are always searching for the best deals. However, tool truck brands are not affordable for many mechanics. Since we started in 2015, we have always had a clear purpose: to give access to affordable, professional hand tools because we believe our customers deserve it. You now can get tool-truck-quality products without having to sell your kidneys to get all the tools you need for your shop!

Superior Customer Support

Customer Support

Getting a response back to your questions, requests, or suggestions about a product in a quick and friendly manner enhances your shopping experience. Most tool brands will get back to you within business days, but our excellent customer service makes sure to respond promptly within 30 business minutes, or else we will refund your purchase. How many tool companies will give you all your money back if you don't talk to a real human within 30 business minutes? Exactly, only Olsa Tools!

Knowing what makes a good set of hand tools will help you decide on the right tool brand to meet your needs. There are a great number of tool companies in the market that offer high-end products, but it’s hard to find a tool brand that offers both professional quality and affordability. You can be sure that with Olsa Tools you will get the best value for your money. Shop our hand tools below:

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