The 10 Best Places To Hunt This Fall 2021

The 10 Best Places To Hunt This Fall 2021

The 10 Best Places to Hunt This Fall 2020

Hunting is a favourite past time for many due to the opportunity to escape civilization, enjoy the peace of the open backcountry and bring home a trophy and some great eats for the winter months. Although we’ve done our research and we know that these would be great spots to hunt, we suggest (if possible) to take the time to go out to each region in advance and scout it out. If you can’t travel, staying local is a great option and gives you a better opportunity to scout out a few areas in advance of your hunt season. We also suggest that you review all legal requirements when hunting outside of your home state/province. This list isn’t exhaustive but will give you ten of the best places to hunt in North America, in no particular order.

1) Texas

Hog Hunting is a challenge that not all hunters are up for but, that challenge is what makes it fun, right? Hunting hogs allows hunters to use their preferred method of hunting like a bow, rifle, or blind (to name a few). The majority of hunting is done on leased land, which offers an excellent opportunity for scouting. The Ox Ranch is positively reviewed and offers multiple packages that will allow you to make the most out of your hunt.

2) Montana

Montana is filled with over 30 million acres of public land, which is perfect for hunting a variety of game. There are different rules based upon which type of land you will be hunting on, so be sure to check the regulations here. If you are looking to hunt Mountain Goats or Sheep, Montana is a great option. Remote backcountry camping at its finest with slightly milder temperatures stretching into late November, makes this ideal for a longer multi-day guided hunts. Hell’s A-Roarin’ Outfitters is exceptionally well-rated and can take you on a guided hunt through the outback.

3) Wyoming

Prong horned Antelope might be on your list of hunts, and if so, Wyoming is a must if you get the opportunity to do so. Coming into full hunting season aligned with rut season will make it easier to get a trophy. Tyler Sims Outfitting is a highly rated guide operation that has a “99% success rate” on their private land hunts. They offer archery, rifle and lusk hunts.

4) Pierre, South Dakota

At the center of the heart in pheasant country lies Pierre, South Dakota. Pheasant season in South Dakota is broken up into key dates for residents and traditional seasons, giving everyone a fair chance on the game. Scatter Gun Lodge offers excellent accommodations, over 3,000 acres of hunting land, on hand retrievers and easy travel making it easy to get to. 

5) Washington

Moose hunts in Washington are an excellent opportunity for multi-day hunts that lead to a significant return on your time spent in the woods. The world record for largest moose antlers was had in Washington just last year, coming in at 504 ⅞ inches. A common moose variety hunted in Washington is the Shiras Moose, known for their large size and colossal trophy size from 38” to around 48” wide antlers. BearPaw Outfitters in Colville offer differing levels of hunts from maps to full 5-day guided one on one hunts.

6) Florida

Hunting a turkey for your family’s Thanksgiving dinner can be a favourite for multiple generational family hunters. Also, for those looking to complete their grand slam. Turkey hunting in Florida is a top choice, as it is the only state that you can hunt for the Osceola subspecies (a requirement to achieve your grand slam.) God’s Own Country Outfitters is an excellent reviewed guide that has a 98% success rate for Osceola Turkey hunting.

7) British Columbia - Cariboo Region 

The Cariboo region in BC is a great region to go hunting this upcoming Fall. With over 30,000 square miles in the region between Prince George and Kamloops, it is a prime hunting area for Mule Deer. Cariboo Mountain Outfitters is a guide in the area that will be able to help you make the most of your trip.

8) California

Rabbit Hunting California

In California, Rabbit hunting is excellent for multi-generational hunters looking to take out there kids. Most shotguns, archery and rifles can be used (excludes BB’s). This type of hunting doesn’t require a guide and the hunt is not as restricted as a larger game. The season opens July 1st every year and closes at the end of January. 

9) Illinois

Waterfowl is a large subsection of the game in Illinois, offering Canadian Geese, Mallards & redhead varieties, to name only a few. You can hunt on public land or private, but there are advantages to private. The Heartland Lodge offers excellent accommodation and is highly rated, offering you a fantastic experience for your waterfowl hunting trip.

10) Michigan

Year-round hunting of coyotes in Michigan is relatively new; however, trapping is relatively old but it is restricted to late Fall to mid-winter, which is when Coyotes fur is at its best. Hot Shot Outfitters offers guided nighttime hunts that are sure to please a wide range of different skilled hunters.

Where Are You Going To Go?

This list of 10 of the best places to hunt this Fall should help you with determining where you are going to look to make your next trip out to. Whether you are looking for big game like moose or deer, or smaller game such as birds, this guide should’ve helped you determine a few options for new locations that you can look into for planning the next hunting trip this Fall. Don’t forget that before going out for your hunt to ensure that your gear is ready to go! If you are need of a torque screwdriver to make adjustments to your equipment, check out our certified accurate Torque Screwdriver here. If you require some new hunting attire, check out Orvis.

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