Most-Used Types Of Plier

Most-Used Types Of Plier

Pliers can help tackle different activities as you can use them for gripping, bending, twisting, cutting, stripping wire, and much more. Of course, the world of tools is vast and the different types of pliers will help you complete projects more easily while delivering optimal results. Here are some of the most common pliers used by mechanics and technicians that will get any repair job done easily. 

Combination Pliers

Olsa Tools Combination Pliers

Combination pliers are one of the preferred multi-use hand tools among mechanics and professionals in other industries. The nose in combination pliers usually includes 3 sections: serrated jaws or tips designed for gripping, the pipe grip made for gripping round materials, and the cutter for cutting wire or small pieces of metal. 

These pliers are called “combination pliers” because they combine these various features into one tool, making these pliers a perfect multi-use tool for every toolbox.

Popularized by frequent use by electrical line workers, these pliers are commonly referred to as lineman or linesman’s pliers.

Needle Nose Pliers

Olsa Tools Long Nose Pliers

Due to the shape of the tip, needle-nose or long-nose pliers offer greater precision compared to other types of pliers. As the name suggests, the long tip makes it easy to reach things you might not be able to reach otherwise. These types of pliers can help you with electrical work, jewelry, fishing jobs, or any other maintenance task where you need an elevated degree of precision. Similar to combination pliers, needle-nose pliers also have a cutting section located near the pivot point.

Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Olsa Tools Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Diagonal cutting pliers (also known as flush-cut pliers, wire cutter pliers, or side cutters) are very common tools for electrical and automotive projects. They feature short jaws which deliver superb leverage while snipping through thick wires, nails, and screws. Olsa Tools’ heavy duty side cutters are designed with extra material around the heat-treated jaws to provide more strength and the ability to confidently cut through tough wire, even piano wire.

Tongue and Groove Water Pump Pliers

Olsa Tools Tongue & Groove Water Pump Pliers

The design and efficiency of tongue and groove water pump pliers are perfect to tackle any task that requires working with nuts and bolts. They have a narrow jaw profile with multiple size adjustments to help you work on various projects, whether you need to reach deep into an engine bay or loosen a bolt in a tight spot. This tongue and groove water pump pliers set from Olsa Tools features 3 different sizes that can be smoothly and quickly adjusted up to 7 different positions so you can be confident that you will always have the right pliers for the job. 

Quality of Pliers

The most important thing to consider, besides choosing the right type of pliers for the job, is to look for a set that is manufactured from a strong material, such as Cr-Mo, and features heat-treated jaws to withstand all the jobs you’ll put it through. For quality assurance, all Olsa Tools pliers sets are made from SCM440 Cr-Mo Steel and precision heat treated to ensure your new pliers will be worth the investment.

Our pliers give you tool-truck quality but without the tool truck prices. If you’re looking for a professional-quality set of pliers at an affordable price, these tools are what you need! Shop our pliers and plier organizers with already marked down prices here:

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