Getting a Professional-Grade Wire Crimping Tool

Getting a Professional-Grade Wire Crimping Tool

Working with electrical connections requires precision and safety as you want to ensure that your connections are secure and will never come loose once installed. As a professional, your commitment to getting the job done right the first time is a key reason you need a professional-grade tool that helps you complete the job with the best results. If you want to get a crimping tool for reliable terminations, you’re in the right place! This guide will help you understand the essential features of crimping tools to ensure you get the perfect tool for the job at hand.

Olsa Tools Wire Crimper

Best Crimping Tool Features

Of course, you can find multiple types of crimping tools available, and each one is specially designed for different terminals. Here we’ll focus on the handheld ratcheting type, one of the most versatile models commonly preferred by professionals.

Crimp Profile & Wire Gauge

Olsa Tools Ratcheting Wire Crimper

Wiring requires reliable connections, so you want to choose a tool that gives you reliable results. A calibrated tool like our ratcheting crimper, that releases only once the correct amount of force has been applied, helps ensure that every crimp you do will be secure. A dual-lever design is a great option when it comes to reliable connections, as it adds a force-multiplying effect and eases hand strain. 

This Olsa Tools crimper includes this force-multiplying dual-lever feature for incredibly strong crimps. Just do the pull test, and you’ll see that the crimped terminals won’t come off!

The jaws on the tool are designed to work with insulated, color-coded (blue, red, and yellow) terminals for 22–10 AWG wires, making it easy to quickly identify the proper slot for your terminal. 

Ratcheting Action

Wire Crimper With Ratcheting Mechanism

Most low-quality wire crimpers end up with poor crimps, destroyed terminals, and overall bad connections, so getting a high-quality crimping tool that ensures reliable crimps is a must have for any serious professional.

The ratcheting component allows excellent control over the tool while you crimp the connection. The Olsa Tools crimper features a ratcheting action that makes it possible to pause mid-crimp while squeezing the handles; this allows you to reposition your grip, if necessary, and ensures your hands won’t get tired. Once you reach the correct amount of crimping force, the mechanism will automatically release, leaving you with a quality crimp.

Another convenient function of the ratcheting component is that it makes it easy to secure the wire connector in the jaws with just a small amount of force before introducing the end of the wire into the barrel, making your job easier.

Comfortable Handles

Ratcheting Wire Crimper

The ergonomic handles with non-slip rubber grips help so your hands won’t get sore or slip while using the tool. Professional-quality tools are engineered to work faster and require less effort, whether you use the tool frequently or occasionally.

If you’ve ever used a low-quality crimper, you’ll know that these budget tools are frustrating to use and leave your hands sore when using them for multiple crimps. That’s a great reason to own a quality product with ergonomic handles like this Olsa Tools ratcheting crimper. When holding it, you experience excellent comfort for a secure grip during all of your projects. It truly is a world of a difference!

Quality Hinges

Best Wire Crimper

The extra wide hinge design ensures that your force will be applied exactly in the right direction, without bending sideways or slipping. The leverage multiplying mechanism also adds to your crimping experience by amplifying your gripping force.

Our professional-grade ratcheting crimper lasts longer than other low-grade crimpers on the market. On top of that, it has a Limited Lifetime Warranty, a 90-Day Risk-Free Return Policy, and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee; an outstanding value at an affordable price! Shop our crimping tool below:

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