Garage Safety Guidelines

Garage Safety Guidelines: 5 Things You Should Never Leave In Your Garage

Garage Safety Guidelines

5 Items Never to Leave in Your Garage

Garage safety guidelines

There are a lot of things that are kept in garages but in reality, some items should never be left in the garage. We have included the following 5 product categories in our garage safety guidelines. You always need to check before keeping them in your garage:

Always Check These Items

1. Leaking Fuel

The fuel by itself is a hazardous material and should be handled and stored safely. Leaking fuel in the garage is even more dangerous especially during warm weather. And, even there is no risk of flames, they can still present a hazard for all family. It’s important to tighten loos caps of fuel containers and check those containers are leak free. 

2. Pesticides & Poisons

Pesticides and Poisons: These two represent hazard especially for kids and pets. The little ones and our hairy friends often find their ways into areas in the garage that we think are unreachable for them. Generally, it is not a good idea to keep pesticides and poisons in the garage.

Another option is to organize your pesticides and other poison in a particular spot in your garage. You can use magnetic spray can holder, for this particular task and keep the pesticides off the garage floor.

3. Broken Windows

Broken Windows: Broken windows of garages can be both a security risk and also cause of build up of insects and pests in your garage. The broken windows will also affect the temperature in your garage and if the garage is attached to the house consequently it will affect energy efficiency in your house.

4. Defective Locks

Non-working locks: Working locks are the first line of defense for every house and garage. Even if your house is in a very safe neighborhood, you should make sure that all your locks function and function well. This is particularly important for the locks on your garage, as thieves are more probably to try access garage in the first place.

5. Important Documents

Let’s admit, all of us some time we take the documents out from the car, place on the working bench and forget to take them from there to the house. Besides the security risks, garages are exposed to some degree of wind and humidity. These threaten to destroy your documents pretty quickly. You can also place a non adhnesive tool box liner underneath the papers to keep them from getting dirty, in case you may need to use them in the future.

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