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Best Types of Drill Bits

What Kind Drill Bits Do You Need?

A good quality drill is a must-have for every professional and DIYer. But the drill is pretty much useless without a drill bit. If you want to be efficient in drilling, then you need to have the correct bit for each job. There are dozens if not hundreds of different types of drill bits and not everyone knows what each of them is used for.

Most Commonly Used Drill Bits Styles

In today's guide, we are going to talk about the most commonly used types of drill bits and give background about each of them.

Twist bit: the twist bit is the most common bit type used around the house. It is used for general purpose drilling and works for drilling into plastic, wood and light metal.

Spade bit

The spade bit is a bit type is designed for drilling holes in softwood. Generally, these bits are inexpensive and commonly used for drilling holes for cables in studs.

Forstner drill bit

Forstner bits are also designed for drilling holes in softwoods. However, this type features a flat bottom with a point in the center which gives an increased accuracy. Forstner drill bits are mainly used in woodworking projects where the holes are visible.

Hole Saw

Hole saw drill bit is used for drilling large diameter holes. Their best use is cutting large and precise holes in thin materials. There are hole saws made from different materials for cutting through wood, metal, masonry, ceramic tiles, etc.

Brad-Point Drill Bit

Again, designed for drilling into wood. It has a point on end, which helps the bit to stay in place while digging and makes an exact exit point in the workpiece. The bit has extra-wide flutes which help to remove more material.

Masonry Bit

Masonry bits are used to drill into masonry, concrete and other sturdy materials. It is best when used with a hammer drill as the hammering action of the bit drives the carbide tip into the tough stuff, and the rotating removes the material through the flutes.

Countersink (counterbore) Drill Bit

Countersink bits are designed to be used with wood. In a single action, it drills a hole and counterbores the hole. When the screw has placed the head of the screw is flush with the top of the board, and you have a more polished appearance. Another way to sort all your drill bits in one place is to use the Olsa Tools Magnetic Screwdriver Holder. Even though it's primarily for screwdrivers, drill bits will fit perfect on the holder clips.

We know we did not cover every type of drill bit, but these are the ones that are commonly used and are must-have for professionals and amateurs. The important thing that you should remember is that you should always choose the right drill bit for the right job. The best way to organize your bits is to use a hex bit organizer. The bit holder will allow you to sort all your bits in one location.

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