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    How To Choose The Correct Digital Torque Wrench

    Best Digital Torque Wrench

    What to look for in a Digital Torque Wrench

    Torque WrenchWhen you decide to buy the best digital torque wrench, there are more factors to consider than the price. To help you to choose a digital torque wrench that is suited to your needs, we have gathered some of these crucial factors.

    1. Torque Accuracy

    The Torque accuracy is an essential factor when looking for a digital torque wrench. The best numerical Torque accuracy has guaranteed +/-2 per cent accuracy both when used clockwise and counterclockwise.

    2 Torque Directions

    You want to choose the best torque wrench that allows you to change directions counter-clockwise and clockwise. Maybe it’s obvious, but it is always good to have a multipurpose tool. Thus, making sure that the digital torque wrench can be used both clockwise and counterclockwise is a good idea. This is especially important in tight spaces.

    3. Comfortable Handle

    You want to choose a torque wrench with a comfortable handle. By selecting a torque wrench that has a soft and ergonomic handle, you make sure that it will not slip out of your hands when in use. This is especially necessary when a high amount of torque is required.

    4. Multiple Alerts

    You want to choose the best torque wrench that has multiple alerts. Almost all digital torque wrenches have LED displays that show the level of torque that has been reached. Some of them have numerous alerts systems (vibrating handle, buzzer noise) that notify you when the torque limit is approached and reached. These models are more useful in making sure that the necessary torque level is not surpassed.

    5. Torque Measurement

    You want to select torque wrench that contains a number of Torque Measurements. Usually, torque is measured in one of the following ways: the imperial scale of pounds or metric size of Newton meters. Most common brands include at least these two measurements. However, some manufacturers include other measures such as kilograms per meters, kilogram per centimetres or inch-pounds. It never hurts to have a new type of measurement. 

    6. Other Things to Consider

    Other features that are nice to have are storage case for the torque wrench. Another element to consider is the charge indicator, which shows the battery level and automatic shut down function that turns off the wrench when the tool is not in use.