Benefits of Truck Toolboxes

Benefits of Truck Toolboxes

Tool Boxes for Your Truck

Benefits of Portable Tool Boxes

The types of truck tool boxes and the benefits of owning one. In our last article we presented a guide on how to choose the best truck toolbox. In today’s article we will continue to uncover information about the truck toolboxes. More particularly we will talk about the different types of truck toolboxes that are offered in market and the actual benefits of using a toolbox in your truck. 

Types of Portable Tool Boxes

There are hundreds of different kinds of truck toolboxes. The various types can be grouped by the material they are made of, the way they are installed and their configuration. As we have talked about the different materials that the truck toolboxes are made of, we will focus on the configuration and manner of installation.

  • Crossover: Crossover also sometimes referred to as cross box are mounted just behind the cab. This type extents across the whole width of the truck. 
  • Chest: This type is just like regular tool boxes which sit on the floor of the truck bed. Convenient to use but can cut down the usable floor space considerably.
  • Side-mounted: this type is placed and attached to side rails of the truck and easily accessed from the top. 
  • Hitch: The hitch toolboxes are attached to the trailer post and do not use floor space in truck bed. This type is really good option if your truck has trailer post
  • Tools Backpack: This type not only allows your to transport your tools on your truck but you can also take your tools with you from your truck. The tools backpack bag is beneficial if you have to travel at a location where you cannot take your truck with you. 

Benefits of using a truck toolbox

Here are top three benefits that you will notice if you start using a proper truck toolbox.


    If you have an organized garage, you also want an organized truck when you are carrying your tools from one place to another. By placing your tools in truck toolbox instead of scattering them in truck bed, you will save time, increase your productivity and will not lose your tools while transporting them. 

      Security and protection:

      Whether you are a professional that carries their tools around or a DIYer, you don’t want to lose even a single tool or any other belonging. To protect your belongings from sticky hands, you will need a good quality toolbox. The toolbox will also protect your tools from harsh weather: rain, snow, sun and moisture.

        Better style:

        Toolboxes, especially the metallic ones, look gorgeous in your truck. Also, who want to hire a person that has all their tools scattered in toolbox and it takes longer to find the needed tool than to do the job.  You can also use tool organizers to help organize your tools inside your tool boxes. Tool organizers will help keep your tools in place as you drive from one location to another.

          If you have a truck and you are a craftsman, handyman, mechanic or just someone who frequently moves their tools and belongings than you need to have a toolbox. Make yourself familiar with different types of truck toolboxes, follow our simple guide on how to choose one and acquire one that meets your needs the best.

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