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5 Must-Have Garage Tool Organizers To Keep In Your Garage

garage tool organizers

Tool Organizers for Your Garage

Organizing a garage isn’t a trouble-free project, so we’ve compiled a list of tool organizers that can make your life easier in the garage. Make the most out of your garage space by choosing the right tool storage options. Every garage deserves high-quality tools and modern tool organizers.

Here is our list of spectacular garage tool organizers:

1. Hex Bit Organizer Rails

The Hex Bit Organizer Rail is a plastic bit holder that is ideal for storing hex bits of numerous sizes. It features holes of varying sizes which could accommodate 30 hex bits. Don't struggle to replace your bits and find the right size, just purchase our hex bit organizer rail, arrange your bits according to their size and uses and find instantly what you are looking for.

2. Magnetic Portable Socket Organizer Trays

The Magnetic Portable Socket Organizer Tray has a powerful magnet securely hold sockets in the tray; and tray to any steel surface, durable abs plastic that resists oil and gas. Design to hold both deep and shallow drive SAE and Metric sockets, adapters and smaller extensions.

3. Magnetic Hex Bit Organizers

The Magnetic Hex Bit Organizer is one more proven solution for your hex bits. The strong magnetic base holds the hex bits tightly and the 36 slots provide storage for most 1/4" hex or shank bits. Is it in a toolbox drawer, mixed up with all the other ones? How much time do you waste daily struggling to find the right one? Forget about all these minor everyday problems. The Olsa Tools Magnetic Hex Bit Organizer will hold all your bits and allows for instant access to "the" bit you need when you need it!

4. Magnetic Screwdriver Organizers 

The Magnetic Screwdriver Organizers helps find your desired screwdriver in the right moment at the right place can be effortless. The Olsa Tools Magnetic Screwdriver Organizer holds up to 16 screwdrivers. Our Magnetic Screwdriver Organizer allows for a quick find of “the” tool you need when you need it! The clips hold the screwdrivers tightly in place. This organizer offers plenty of space for long, short, stubby, or off-set screwdrivers or even your spanners, extensions, ratchets, pliers and other small tools. This tray is a great addition to the tool chests of professionals and serious DIY mechanics and a very useful thing to have in every home.

5. Aluminum Socket Organizers

The Aluminum Socket Organizers has spring loaded ball bearing clips that hold the sockets tightly in place and will keep them on holder even in upside down applications and it's quite easy to put on and remove sockets. Can be used with shallow and deep sockets. Keyhole slot makes it easy to install the socket rail to the wall or workbench. Grab today your 3 pcs kit of Olsa Tools Aluminum Socket Organizer. The organizer is available in 1/2inch, 1/4inch & 3/8inch socket holders!

Of course, this is not the full set of garage tool storage solutions that we have but organizing your garage in the right way with the right tools is imperative that's why you need to start from somewhere. Having those tools can be the first step.

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