3 Brilliant Garage tool storage and organization ideas

3 Brilliant Garage tool storage and organization ideas


3 Best Garage Tool Storage Ideas

Learning New Tool Storage Ideas

If you are tool obsessed person as all our team is you may probably want to learn some new tips and tricks about how to organize your tools so that your garage won't end up being a messy and cluttered place in the house.

You have probably read and maybe even tried to hang everything on the walls but guess what? When you hang all your tools, bicycle, drills, sander and other power tools on the walls you have the same amount of clutter just on walls instead of shelves. If you also suffer from a lack of space in your garage, you need to explore new methods of tool storage.

Best Picks for Garage Tool Storage:

1. Garage Tool Bench and Drawers

Get or make some new Garage Storage Bench and Drawers. The best way to have the perfect bench and drawers is to understand how many items you need to store there and design the ideal drawers for you. First of all, you need to take time and get rid of tool accessories that you are not using. Another solution is to recycle the garage tools you have not used the past year.

After you did those simple task, you will then be able to see the number of tools you currently have. They will appear more manageable and then you can begin planning the amount of space you would need for your new bench and drawers. You can research for some ideas and then implement those ideas.

One item you can use for your tool drawers that will help protect your tools from damages are tool box liners. When you purchase a toolbox liner, make sure to select one that is composed of durable and nonslip materials. The tool drawer liners will prevent your tools from scratching the bottom of your tool drawers.

2. Fold-Up Worktable

Elevate your garage by getting or making Fold-up Garage Worktable. If you don't want to heavily invest in various expensive bench and drawers, you may want to start by a single Fold-up garage worktable. This could be a good base to start your garage projects which can be easily folded against the wall when not in use. It will allow you to keep your tools off the floor, which would help clear some space.

3. Magnetic Tool Organizers

Another way to organize the tools in your garage is by using a Magnetic Tool Holder. This type of tool organizer will help save your garage space by giving you the ability to attached your tools to the side of your metallic toolbox. Also, this kind of tool storage options will enable you to know exactly where are all your tools at any given moment. In addition, the magnetic tool holders eliminate the garage clutter and put everything you need in one spot. You can easily stack several magnetic tool holders on top of each other. This means you can double the grip strength for large and heavy tools.

There are endless ways to organize your garage. We will constantly share new and classic ways of organizing your garage. Make sure to check out these collection of Olsa Tools hand tools.

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