10 Tools Every Handyman Should Own

Best Handyman Tools

Must-Have Handyman Tools

Best handyman toolsWell, when it comes to making a list of “must-have” tools for handyman everyone will most probably come up with their unique list of tools. However, everyone will agree there are several tools, that every professional handyman must-have. We have prepared the ultimate list of tools the one should find in handyman’s tool collection. 

Handyman Tools: Important Features

1. Tool Bag

First and foremost, every handyman needs a good quality tool bag or tool backpack to carry all the necessary tools from place to place and also keep them organized while carrying them around. The tool bag is also “visit card” of the handyman. It shows the client that you are a professional and organized. Before moving any further check out Olsatools heavy duty tool backpack

2. Cordless Drill

This is one of the most versatile tools that a handyman should own. It can serve you like a fast screwdriver, as a drill to drill holes, and with appropriate attachments, you can mix concrete, paint or grout.

3. Hammer

A hammer or a claw hammer is used every day by handymen. Owning one is almost mandatory.

4. Screwdriver Set

Every handyman must have a good set of screwdrivers that has both Phillips head and flathead. If you need a way to organize all your screwdrivers, make sure to use a magnetic screwdriver organizer. The magnetic screwdriver holder will allow you to sort all your screwdrivers while saving space.

5. Level

Precision is an important part of handyman’s job. Invest in a good quality carpenter’s level or if you want to add a modern twist, buy a laser level.

6. Measure Tape

It impossible to imagine a handyman without a measuring tape. Almost every task requires you to measure something. Here as well you can go with the techy solution and buy a laser measurer.

7. Utility Knife

A good utility knife can be handy whenever you are cutting, poking, marking, or scoring something. One thing to remember is that the utility knife is as much use as its blades are sharp. Thus, always have extra blades to replace broken and dull ones.

8. Circular Saw

IF cutting wood – then you need a circular saw. It’s your choice to have a cordless or corded option, but a cordless circular saw can provide the much-needed flexibility during carpentry related tasks.

9. Ladder

You can’t rely on the possibility that the homeowner will have a ladder, so it’s always a good idea to come prepared. Regardless of what you are doing: painting, patching drywall, installing a ceiling fan, you definitely will need a ladder. The ladder must be high enough to reach the ceiling.

10. Shop-Vac

As a true professional you should never leave the customers’ homes messy. Use a shop vac to clean the mess after every repair and your customers will be more than happy.

Having the right tool for the right job is the first step for becoming a successful handyman. However, spending all the hard-earned dollars on buying every possible tool is not the best solution. The above list of must-have tools is a really good place to start. Also, if you're searching for a way to take your tools with you, take a look at the tools backpacks by Olsa Tools.