10 Must-Have Handyman Tools

10 Must-Have Handyman Tools

Must-Have Handyman Tools

Best Handyman Tools

When it comes to making a list of professional handyman tools, it can be different from one to the next based on their own unique jobs, clients and budgets. However, everyone will agree that there are several tools every handyman should have for success. We have prepared the ultimate list of tools a handyman needs.

1. Sockets

First and foremost, a handyman tools list won't be complete without a good quality set of sockets. When looking for a set of sockets keep in mind the types of jobs that are most common for you as that will determine whether you should be looking at shallow or deep sockets in Metric or SAE. Olsa Tools proudly offers 4 variations of our impact sockets to ensure that you have the choices required. These impact sockets are professional-grade Cr-Mo (Chromium Molybdenum). We are also currently working on an entire lineup of chrome sockets that we are going to be releasing very soon!

Impact Sockets For Handymen

2. Water Pump Plier

Every toolbox needs these,  as it is one of the most versatile tools for a handyman. These pliers will make your job easier by being able to secure different sized fasteners, pipes and other materials with ease, saving you time. Both, the tongue and groove, and the push-button water pump pliers can be used in tight spots, keeping you working efficiently even if you need to reach deep into your engine bay. Our 3-piece water pump plier set is available in 3 sizes,  6.5”, 9.5” and 12” lengths, they make sure to help you get the job done like a pro.

Its durable gripped handles made of high carbon 1060 steel help you apply high torque to any fastener with ease, this is the same material used in Samurai swords. So you can guarantee this set is a lifetime companion.

3. Wrenches

You cannot go out to any job without having a set of reliable professional grade wrenches. You need a set that doesn't have any skips, has the most common sizes, and is backed by a warranty ensuring lifelong reliability. We have multiple wrenches sets at Olsa Tools that all  would make a great addition to your workstation! Our 2-in-1 Metric Offset Extractor Wrenches are a great set as they help you free damaged bolts with ease and function as normal box end wrenches. Our Slim Profile Wrenches are great for calliper jobs and anytime that regular thick wrenches won't fit into tight spaces. Lastly, our Combination Wrench Sets are great as they give you the best range of sizes.

Slim Profile Wrenches Tappet Wrenches

4. Screwdriver Set

Every handyman must have a good set of screwdrivers that is easy on their hands, has magnetic tips and has a variety of different tips. Olsa Tools professional-grade screwdriver set is a go-to for ergonomic design and life long reliability. The 14-piece screwdriver set comes with an included Magnetic Screwdriver Organizer that is great for storing the set in your workstation and will keep them safe if you are taking them on the run with you.

Screwdriver Set With Organizer

5. Hex Key Allen Wrenches

A hex allen wrench is one of the handyman tools you should have in your garage and toolbag. The tool can produce a great amount of torque and features a hex design, this comes in handy when you need to grip the screw or work in tight spaces. 

Our hex key allen wrench offers an innovative version, with a patented extractor design that bites into allen screws so you can remove stripped or damaged allen screws quickly. The wrench’s strong and resistant steel is made of heat-treated steel and chrome finish to ensure years of professional use.

6. Measuring Tape

It impossible to imagine a handyman without a measuring tape. Almost every task requires you to measure something. When choosing a tape keep in mind the scale of job you work on, do you need 20, 30 or s 40-foot tape. There usually is not a concern with having something that is too long, but you don't to come up short on the job.

7. Utility Knife

A good utility knife can be handy whenever you are cutting, poking, marking, or scoring something. One thing to remember is that the utility knife is only as useful as the sharpness and strength of its blades. Thus, always have extra blades to replace broken and dull ones.

8. Pliers

Extra gripping power is always welcomed in any job that you are going to be attending to! You need pliers that help you get a large array jobs done, are ergonomic, and can be adjusted. Our 3pc Plier Set is a handyman's dream with cutting, needle nose and combination pliers that are extremely durable thanks to their forged chromoly engineering. Our 3pc Water Pump Pliers are great thanks to either channel lock design or push button locking that keeps your jaws at the desired size.

Plier sets for handyman

9. Ladder

You can’t rely on the possibility that every job site will have a ladder, so it’s always a good idea to come prepared. Regardless of what you are doing: painting, patching drywall, installing a ceiling fan, you definitely will need a ladder. Keep in mind versatility when choosing a ladder. Getting an adjustable ladder offers the best chance of always being prepared incase you need only a little boost, are working in a tight space or you need to get on the roof of a two-storey home.

10. Shop-Vac

As a true professional you should never leave the job site a mess. Use a shop vac to clean-up after every repair and your customers will be more than happy. The Vac Master professional series vacuums are highly rated and offer warranty with their line up as well, their 50 Gallon Beast is portable and works for wet or dry uses.

Vac Master Beast Vacuum - Professional Vacuum

Having the right tool for the right job is the first step for becoming a successful handyman. However, investing hard-earned dollars on upgrading your tools can seem out of reach;  at Olsa Tools we offer a 10% discount code (TOP10TOOLS) on all our products. The above handyman tools list is a really good place to start if you are in need of some upgrades or are looking to add to your collection of tools. Check out our entire catalogue of products and see what handyman tool you should add to your workstation.

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