10 Tools Every Garage Addict Must Own

10 Tools Every Garage Addict Must Own

Best Tools For Your Garage

10 Tools Every Garage Addict Must Own

It’s a known truth that doing car repairs by yourself will save you a significant amount of money. But let’s be honest, without the right tools you will be wasting your time and money. Below we present our top 10 list of tools that are essential for any garage addict.

10 Essenstial Garage Tools 

1. Wrench Set

1. Wrench Set: As a DIY mechanic, you will most definitely need a good wrench set. One thing you should do is to make sure to have a wrench set that has both metric and US standard sizes. Also, you can use Wrench organizer to sort all your wrenches.

2. Screwdriver Set

Screwdrivers: Needless to say, you will have to buy a screwdriver set. As you start building your skills in DIY projects you may realize that you need different types of screwdrivers. On top of basic types such as Phillips-head and flathead screwdrivers ensure that you get a thin screwdriver set to access tight spaces. Also, you can use a screwdriver organizer set to sort all your screwdrivers.

3. Socket Set

Socket Set: Another must-have item both for beginners and advanced mechanics. They come in different sizes from small ones to large sets and a wrench set can be in metric or US sizes. Usually, it’s a good idea to purchase a bigger set and not to have to go to the store for every new project. Furthermore, you can use a socket holder to sort and organize all your metric and standard sockets that you have.

4. Tool Gloves

Gloves: The idea is to have both latex and fabric gloves, as they are intended for different applications. Latex gloves are disposable and ideal for jobs as changing the oil. If the job requires to take something apart or use heavy machinery, the latex is definitely not the best option. For this type of tasks, you would need a fabric glove that will serve you longer and protect your hands.

5. Cleaners and Lubricants

Lubricants and Cleaners: Lubricants are essential for protecting your tools and machinery as it protects moving metallic parts by forming a protective layer on them. Cleaners are useful in keeping surfaces free of rust and dust.

6. Measuring Tape

Measuring tape: This is a really handy and a must have item for any project in your garage.

7. LED Flashlight

Flashlight: Sometimes without the use of flashlight it would be impossible to fix the lower body of a car. Owning one will not cost you a fortune and can come handy during different repair jobs, such as brake inspections.

8. Pliers Set

Pliers: There are tons of different types of pliers that come in shape and length. Choosing one can be difficult. It’s a good start to have one normal, one cutter and one long-nosed plier.

9. Hammer Set

Hammer: The best option is to have two different sizes of hammers: a small one and a big one. The small one is needed for the jobs where you need a hammer, but you don’t want to break things. The bigger one is absolutely necessary when you need a little bit of extra force.

10. Tool Organizers

Use organizers: Tool organizers are absolutely essential when it comes to keeping your garage or workshop organized, nice and clean. They help you easily find and access the tool that you are looking for. Olsa Tools has a variety of different organizers for you: socket, plier, wrench and screwdriver organizers, to name but a few.

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