Top 8 Must-Have Tool Organizers For Garages & Workshops

Top 8 Must-Have Tool Organizers For Garages & Workshops

Is your garage or workshop a mess? No matter how big or small your projects are, when working on any jobs you can use hundreds of tools that should have a specific place at your workstation; however, that’s not always the case. We will help you get your workspace in shape with these tool organizers for garages and workshops; you will find 8 tool organizers for the most used tools by professional mechanics so that you are able to work efficiently by saving your time from looking for tools and knowing where all of your tools are.

Socket Organizers

Our socket organizers offer something for everyone; whether you need to make extra space in your toolbox, need a lot of socket storage or just a little bit, or if you have short drawers or no space in your toolbox, our organizers will have something that works for you! 

1. Magnetic Socket Holder Marked With Socket Sizes 

Magnetic Socket Organizer

Our top-ranked magnetic socket organizer is one of the best ways to save space in your toolbox and optimize your organizational system. The magnet holds the tray to any steel surface and keeps the sockets in the tray to guarantee that won’t fall out even when you put the tray upside down or have it mounted on the side of a hoist. You have 8 striking colors to choose from to match with your workstation. You also have the option to get a single set, a 3-piece set, or a 6-piece set that holds up to 143 Metric & SAE Sockets.

2. Aluminum Socket Organizer

Aluminum Socket Organizer Rails

With the Olsa Tools aluminum socket organizer rails you can make the most out of your time by minimizing time wasted digging through your socket drawer looking for the right socket. Simply load your sockets on the tray and you will be ready to go in minutes! The tray is built with a professional-grade aluminum rail and impact-resistant ABS clips that hold your sockets firmly and securely. You can get either a rubber end cap or a  locking end cap version. This convenient design makes it possible to carry around your sockets anywhere, guaranteeing that you will get frustration-free work anywhere your job takes you.

3. Magnetic Portable Socket Organizer Tray

Magnetic Portable Socket Tray With handle

From time to time you know that having some of your key tools portable can come in handy, whether it is walking to the back of the parking lot or driving to a new site, it’s always nicer than trying to juggle carrying everything in your hands!  At Olsa Tools we designed a magnetic portable socket tray with a useful handle so you can store up to 28 sockets while transporting them around. The ultra-strong rare earth (neodymium) magnets keep your sockets neatly in place and also can be mounted onto steel surfaces.

4. 6-Piece Set Socket Storage Trays 

Olsa Tools Socket Tray

These 2-row socket trays, ensure that you won’t have cluttered sockets anymore! The stable high-impact ABS plastic base is equipped with clearly labeled posts with SAE & Metric sizes so you can pick the right socket for the job. The trays hold both deep and shallow sockets. These trays can be easily be placed inside of your drawers or on top of your workstation and their high capacity will fit. Definitely one of the most convenient tool organizers for the garage and workshop! 

Screwdriver Organizers 

With so many different types of screws on vehicles, around the home, or in building materials you need to have a variety of screwdrivers and screwdriver bits to keep up. This makes screwdrivers one of those tools that can take up the most room in the toolbox or drawers. Fortunately, this list includes 2 of our best screwdrivers organizers.

5. Wall Mount Screwdriver Holder

Screwdriver Organizer

This wall mount organizer holds up to 14 screwdrivers thanks to the heavy-duty clips that keep your tools in place for easy access. With multipurpose functionality, it can hold other small tools such as spanners, extensions, or ratchets. You just need to push in a tool or pull on it to release. The two mountings make it easy for you to mount the rack anywhere you need it to be. 

6. Magnetic Screwdriver Organizer 

Best Tool Organizer For Garage and Workshop: Magnetic Screwdriver Holder

Magnetic tool organizers are a great way to keep tools out of the way. With our magnetic screwdriver organizer, you have the perfect solution to store your screwdrivers and other small tools onto different steel surfaces. The rack is engineered with a protective layer of foam on the magnets to avoid scratches on the mounting surface. 

Wrench Organizers

These are the ideal tool organizers for the garage or workshop as they help you to quickly easily identify the wrench you need for the job at hand. You will be able to keep your wrenches easily organized with these 2 options! 

7. Portable Wrench Organizer

Portable Wrench Holder

If you are looking to carry around your wrenches in a secure way, this portable wrench organizer is for you. The spring clips make it possible to store your wrenches anywhere; whether it is in your portable toolbox, on your wall, in your stationery drawer, or inside of your on-the-go bag. The handle is great to transport around your wrenches or even have them hanging.  

8. Magnetic Wrench Holder 

Magnetic Wrench Holder

No matter how busy your workshop is, our strong and compact magnetic wrench holder will store a complete set of wrenches. The 10 wrench slots securely hold your SAE & Metric wrenches diagonally saving space and making it easy to quickly identify the wrench you need. The magnetic base keeps the rack attached to steel surfaces and has a ridge to prevent the ends of your tools from scratching or denting the surface below.

What Are The Most Effective Tool Organizers For The Garage? 

Choosing the best garage tool storage system involves more than just picking one for the right size of your tools. The best tool organizer is one that allows you to be more productive and makes your projects easier by keeping things tidied up and last’s a lifetime of use. Often times space is so limited that maximizing every square inch of your space is the best option; so ensures that you use the most convenient tool organizer. 

If you need a portable tool organizer, a hand tool organizer, or a magnetic socket organizer, you’ll find it at Olsa Tools.  All of our tool organizers are backed with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed & limited lifetime warranty, and a 30-days risk-free returns to give you peace of mind.

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