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    How To Organize Your Tool Chest Drawer

    Organizing your Tool Chest Drawers | Ultimate Guide

    Tool Chest Are A Big Investment

    Tool Chest Drawer OrganizerMaking an investment in a tool chest is an essential step that will allow you to keep all your tools in one place.
    But that’s only the beginning…
    The next important thing is to organize your tools in the tool chest and keep them organized.

    Organizing Your Tool Chest Drawers

    Instead of providing you with step by step guidelines, we have gathered top tips on how to organize your tool chest drawer.

    Label Your Tool Drawers

    It’s a good idea to label the drawers as you will not always easily remember in which drawer is the tool that you are looking for. But, it’s even a better idea to have those labels on magnets, so that you can move the labels from one drawer to another when you decide to rearrange your tools.

    Prioritize Your Tools

    Before starting to placing your tools in drawers you should think which tools you use frequently. The ones that are used more frequently than others you want to keep in a place that is easily and quickly accessible. The best option is to keep all commonly used tools in waist-high drawers and the others in the lowest drawers.

    Separate Your Delicate Tools

    Another good idea is to separate delicate tools from the rest. Everyone wants their tools to serve them as long as possible, including the important ones. This sometimes is difficult to do because delicate tools are easily damaged. But, by keeping them in one drawer, separately from the other tools reduces the risk of damaging your tools. You can also use a tool organizer to sort all your delicate tools to make sure they last longer. Make sure to check out Olsa Tools collection of tool organizers for your sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers, and hex bits. Also, another great option to organize all your tools is to use a socket label. The Olsa Tools allows you to label not only your sockets but also your socket holders, screwdrivers, and Torx set. 

    Using Upper Drawers

    The upper drawers are perfect for keeping your sockets as it’s easier to access them and read the markings. Probably you have more than two dozen of sockets and it doesn’t make sense just keeping them on the drawer without socket organizer. A good socket organizer is a must-have item and can be purchased from Olsa Tools.

    Use Middle Drawers

    Middle drawers: The middle drawers are perfect for screwdrivers, wrenches, speciality tools, etc. And of course, there is no such thing as having too many organizers. So, it is a good idea having organizers for your screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers and etc.

    Use Lower Drawers

    Lower drawers: As we stated earlier here should go all the tools that are used rarely i.e. once a month. It’s a good option if these rarely used tools are the heavy tools, as placing heavy tools in lower drawers provides more stability for the tool chest.

    Use Tool Box Liners

    In order to protect you tools from scratches, we recommend using the best tool box liners. You have to protect and organize your investment.