Olsa Tools New 90-day Risk-free Return Policy

Olsa Tools New 90-day Risk-free Return Policy

At Olsa Tools we are confident that our products can make your life better, and we we stand behind every product we make. From our beginnings in 2015, our goal has always been to design professional-grade hand tools, tool organizers, and tool accessories that exceed the highest quality standards like ASME, DIN, and ISO while also exceeding real-world expectations. To ensure that all of our products stand up to their claims they are each professionally tested near our headquarters in Nisku, Alberta by certified heavy-duty diesel mechanics. We do this to ensure that not just a piece paper says our products are great, but so that a 3rd party who use our tools in the same as you, has a favourable opinion of them. Due to our dedication to achieving our goal, our growth has been so exponential that for the third consecutive year, we’ve been named as one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies, achieving the title this year with a 511% growth rate. This is thanks to the support of our loyal customers across North America and the hard work of the Olsa Tools Team. 

As we grow, our values and priorities are the same; standing up to your expectations, as such, we wanted to take a stronger stance behind our our claims of professional quality. Up until this point, we offered you a risk-free 30 days to receive a full refund for any products that you ordered from us in the (unlikely) situation that you were not completely satisfied with your purchase. Going forward, our risk-free return policy has been extended to a 90-day risk-free return period. We have made this change to better stand behind our claims and give you increased peace of mind with every purchase from Olsa Tools.

This is only one of the small ways that we are working to ensure that mechanics are happy and satisfied with our products and add Olsa Tools as a trusted brand in their toolboxes.

At Olsa Tools you get free standard shipping (on $50 orders), 90-day risk-free returns, standard limited lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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