Must-Have Mechanic Tools For Beginners

Must-Have Mechanic Tools For Beginners

Whether you’re looking to fix your own car or you’re breaking into the auto mechanic field and don’t have tools to your name yet, there are some basic and useful tools you shouldn't live without. We’ve listed some of the most important for a starting mechanic to help tackle any repair and maintenance task like a professional. 


Best Hammer For Mechanics

Hammers are one of the most used tools in every shop, so having one that is both versatile and durable should always be a priority. Depending on the types of jobs you’ll use it for, you could get a big one to work on tasks that require heavier-duty applications and a small one for delicate jobs where you need to avoid damaging the workpiece.

However, when you’re starting out, you usually have a limited budget to spend. So if you want a hammer that helps you complete multiple types of projects such as working on delicate auto bodywork or dislodging stubborn stuck parts, this Olsa Tools dead blow hammer is what you want. 

It has a perfect size (3lb) to be able to use the hammer during both light and heavy-duty applications. Thanks to the steel shot-filled head, the tool is highly effective for delivering weighty and controlled strikes. And the long-lasting polyurethane head is made to withstand daily use while still being delicate enough to protect your workpiece. Its TPV handle gives the tool greater chemical resistance compared to the typical rubber material.


Best Screwdriver Set For The Starting Mechanic

Screwdrivers are one of the most essential members of toolboxes. Keep in mind that you don’t need to buy a full set to complete most of your first projects because having just the right ones will get you the whole way through.

Phillips and flathead screwdrivers are enough and will help you get a good start. Our Olsa Tools 6pc precision screwdriver set is super convenient as it has the most used Phillip and flathead sizes with magnetized tips to help keep the fastener perfectly in place and release when working in tight access areas.


Must-Have Wrench Set For Beginners

Wrenches are a whole new universe since there are a fair amount of types on the market. They are the go-to tools for professional mechanics and enthusiasts because of their convenience and practicality. There are multiple kinds available, the most used being the regular combination wrenches and ratcheting wrenches. 

A regular combination wrench is useful, but if you want better ease of use to break free stubborn bolts, this Olsa Tools combination ratcheting wrench set will save the day. The ratcheting head includes 100 teeth to save time and make your job easy, as you only require a 3.6° swing arc. Also, both the open end and the ratcheting end feature a technology that allows for the tool to work on 80% rounded-off bolts, saving so much time and frustration. 


Must-Have Sockets

Every handy garage or workshop has a diverse range of sockets. These are one of the most used automotive specialty tools for mechanics. They come in 12 points and 6 points, but to start out with, 6 points are more likely to be what you need. 

The length is also very important, they come in shallow, semi-deep, and deep. So ensure to get at least shallow and deep sockets. They have SAE and Metric unit systems and most mechanics find themselves owning both Metric and SAE sockets. 

Best Chrome Sockets

Also, mechanics require both chrome and impact sockets because they regularly work with impact guns and ratchets at the same time. At Olsa Tools, you can find both types of sockets in the most used sizes, so you can choose the socket set that best fits your needs. Our impact sockets are made from Chromium-Molybdenum and our chrome sockets are engineered from Chrome Vanadium for long-life performance under the toughest of circumstances. 


Olsa Tools Pliers

Pliers allow easy gripping or clipping during repairs. You’ll find yourself using some of them very regularly. With these Olsa Tools pliers set you’ll get the most used types of pliers and tip shapes for multiple jobs: combination, long nose and diagonal cutting tips. 

They are perfectly engineered for gripping, bending, twisting, cutting, or stripping wire, so you can have the peace of mind that these pliers will have you covered no matter how big or small the challenge is.

Of course, there are tons of mechanic specialty tools you’ll find yourself needing, and this list doesn’t cover all of them. However, the tools on this list can be your go-to work items. Remember, you don’t need fancy and expensive tools to start out in the industry. You just need reliable tools that help you face the challenges of being a mechanic, but most importantly, that are durable enough to be your lifetime companion. That way, you can ensure your investment is worth every penny. 

These Olsa Tools products have tool truck quality but without the hefty price tags, because we believe mechanics deserve to have access to affordable professional quality products. They come with a limited lifetime warranty, 100% satisfaction guarantee, 90-days free return policy, and free shipping

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