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Mechanical Flashlight Buying Guide

Best Flashlight for Purchase

Best FlashlightsMany professionals use flashlights, and garage mechanics are not an exception. Flashlights are an excellent choice whenever you need a handheld light while working in poorly lighted places. There are flashlights from multiple brands in the market; however, the durability, accessibility and price differ significantly. As a garage mechanic, you need a lightweight, portable and yet durable flashlight. We have looked at all the important factors that you need to consider before purchasing one in our buying guide. Also, the best ways to take your tools with you on the go is to use a tools backpack.

Flashlight: Features You Must Have

1) Battery Type

There are two options two consider concerning batteries: disposable and rechargeable. If you do not use flashlight every day, then disposable batteries should be excellent. But for more frequent use it’s a wise thing to buy a flashlight with rechargeable batteries. You will pay a little bit more upfront for rechargeable batteries, but this will be offset by not having to replace disposable batteries frequently.

2) Beam Type

Beam Type: One of the most important aspects to consider is the beam type. There are two main types of beam: “flood” beam and “spot” beam. The flood beam is used to illuminate a large area, opposed to spot beam which is used for spotlighting a small space. Some brands have an adjustable focus beam which allows you to have both types in one flashlight.

3) Bulb Type

The bulb of choice is LED, because of many advancements in LED technology. The LED bulbs are energy-saving and produce less heat than the conventional krypton bulbs. Moreover, LED bulbs have longer run time, a higher degree of impact resistance and brightness modes.

4) Modes and Controls

Modes and Controls: Having different styles can be helpful. One thing to remember is that bright modes use up more battery compared to medium and low settings. The control should be user-friendly and allow you to switch modes with ease and ideally with one hand. Some flashlights have a safety lock that prevents you from accidentally switching the light on for pocket flashlights and saves the battery from draining.

5) Material and Shape

Material and Shape: Most common material types used in manufacturing flashlights are aluminum alloy. To increase the durability of the flashlight, manufacturers incorporate stainless steel into the design. This makes the flashlight more impact resistant.

6) Size and Weight

Size and Weight: This is a personal preference. Larger flashlights are more substantial but are more likely to have longer run time due to bigger battery capacity. On the other hand, small flashlights are more portable and more comfortable to carry around. Also, the best way to organize your flashlights and other tools in your garage is to use tool holders.

In the end, you should make a decision based on your needs and preferences. Thinking about the above aspects will help you to make an informed buying decision. If you


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