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How To Choose Best Socket Sets

Selecting The Best Socket Sets

best socket setsEvery garage mechanic or a DIYer needs a socket set, primarily when you frequently deal with nuts and bolts. Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed trying to find a socket holder that fits your needs. Choosing the correct set for your needs will ensure that you are always ready for any project. 



Socket Set Features to Look For

Having read our guide, you will know what to pay attention to and how to choose one.

1. Metric, SAE, or Whitworth Socket Size

Usually the bolts and nuts come in metric or SAE sizes. Check the nuts and bolts on your vehicle, and think which type you are using the most in other projects in your garage. Based on your needs, choose a metric or SAE socket trays, or stock your toolset with both options to ensure you always have the correct one when needed. Whitworth sockets are another type, that is commonly used on British cars. Whitworth sizes are also in inches but represent the inner diameter of a nut. If you own a British vehicle or work on one, then it’s a good idea to have Whitworth set. If this is not the case, stick to SAE or metric sets.

If you are looking to organize your socket sets, make sure to choose the best socket organizers that will allow you to organize your Metric and Standard sockets. 

2. Impact or Non-Impact Socket Sets

Impact sockets are designed to withstand the constant wear and tear when sockets are utilized with power tools. If you are doing some tough construction work, then using specific impact sockets is a good idea. Non-impact sockets should generally be sufficient for DIY projects and occasional automotive repairs.

3. Type of Fastener

One of the most common shapes of bolts is the hexagonal or six-sided bolt. Thus, the form of most sockets is also six-sided. However, there are other shapes such as 12-pointed also known as star-shaped. Make sure to buy a socket set that has all the forms you need.

4. Shallow or Deep Socket

Depending on where the fastener is located, you may need a deep or shallow socket. For example, if the nut sits an inch or two below the top of the bolt, you definitely will need a deep socket, as a shallow socket may not even be able to touch the nut because the bolt will hit the end of the socket first. Contrary, the deep socket will accommodate the long end of the bolt.

Whether you are starting or you are a professional mechanic, you undoubtedly need a good socket set. Paying attention to the factors mentioned above will help you to make a wise decision while choosing your socket set. If you are looking to organize your deep and shallow sockets, make sure to use a magnetic socket organizer. The socket organizer set will allow you to organize your 1/2, 3/8, and 1/4 Drive sockets in their appropriate spot in your workshop.

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