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Buyers Guide: Best Caulking Gun

When working on large scale construction projects or any other project that has waterproofing job to be done, you will need good quality and a solid caulking gun. Regardless of project size, a caulking gun will make your job faster and easier. There are lots of different types and models of caulking guns available in the market and though you don’t need to spend a lot of time on making a decision which one to choose, you still need to consider several factors before purchasing one.

Types of Caulking Guns

So here we have collected the top shopping tips for caulking guns.

Battery-powered vs pneumatic caulking guns:

A battery-powered caulk gun holds the caulk same way as pneumatic guns do but with battery-powered guns provide you with constant speed. Moreover, some battery-powered caulk guns have a variable speed setting.

Smooth vs. Ratcheted Plunger Rods:

Smoot rods are easy to control which helps to stop whenever and however you want. Also, smooth rods caulking guns are easier to squeeze and much force is not necessary.


Traditionally caulking guns are made from lightweight metal. Nowadays, some brands offer caulking guns made from plastic. Plastic options have even lighter weight than the metal ones. Plastic caulk guns are less expensive but are not as durable as the metallic ones.

Open Frame Caulking Gun:

The open-frame design of caulking guns adds makes the tool even more comfortable, as an open frame means that the tool is lightweight which makes it easily portable.

Easy Open Caulking Gun:

Definitely you want a caulking gun which makes opening the seal on the caulk easy and quick. There are two types: caulking guns with seal punches and caulking guns with cutters. Seal punches are designed to punch a hole through the foil seal of the caulk. Caulking guns with cutters trim off the tip of the caulk.

For people using a caulking gun occasionally, a simple and not expensive caulk gun is the best way to go. If you are going to use it frequently and for professional applications, it is best to consider buying a more durable and easier to use option. In any case, the above tips will be helpful when shopping for a caulking gun. Also, when you're done using your Caulking Gun, make sure to use a tool organizer.

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