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    How to Optimize Your Garage for Storage and Organization

    For many homeowners, our garages are a source of mild embarrassment. Bikes are piled into the corners, childhood toys spill out of boxes on shelves that barely cling to the walls - you know what we’re talking about. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The garage can become anything you want it to, and at the very least, it should constitute a useful space for storing and organizing items that you don’t have space for inside. To help you sort out the mess and give your garage the TLC it deserves, we’ve gathered organization pros from Morada to Jamestown. Read on and reclaim your space today!

    Garage Organization


    Photo Courtesy of Vault Storage

    Time to tidy up

    One of the best things you can do to optimize your garage space is to declutter it. There is no better way to do this than to epoxy your floor. Aside from having an aesthetically appealing floor that you can showcase to your friends, in order to coat your floor you must clear it out! No more old paint cans sitting around or unused sports equipment. The mere act of having to remove all contents from the floor is a natural cleaning process and will give you the ability to rethink how to utilize the space. - Brew Floors

    Any cool garage idea project must begin with organizing and decluttering. As you sort through your memories, you’ll most likely have to decide what to throw away and what to keep. Ask yourself: what’s the use of having your child’s artwork, schoolwork, and photos collecting dust in storage bins? - Keepy

    Know how you want to use your garage

    I use a single car garage bay as a wood-shop, I've built a special workbench that allows all of my machines to mount to it. I maximize my space by keeping the primary work-flows of my machines parallel to each other. Similarly, I align the un-usable parts of each machine ("dead-space") to place machines adjacent to one-another without creating unnecessary interferences. This design concept allows me to squeeze as many woodworking machines as possible into a small space with little impact on the usability of each machine. I also recommend keeping EVERYTHING on casters, this allows you to change up your workflow or move everything into a corner when you need your "garage" back. - Benchtop Woodworks

    Garage Organization

    Prioritize access

     First, figure out what you will need access to the most and store those items in "prime" locations around your garage (i.e. lower half of walls on shelves and hangers).  For items that you may not need access to very often, you can utilize areas around your garage such as above the garage door or on higher shelves.  One of the best, often neglected, areas to store items in your garage is actually above your garage door with ceiling-mounted racks, like these.  This will reduce clutter in your garage and free up a ton of space! - Shop Nation

    Invest in adaptable storage systems

    The key to an organized, clutter-free garage is storing everything inside of a cabinet out-of-sight, behind a door or drawer, not out in the open.  If objects like tools, sporting goods equipment, gardening equipment, boxes, plastic bins, paint cans, 5-gallon buckets and other bulky items are stored on shelving/racking, hooks, baskets, etc. your garage will still look cluttered. A well-designed kitchen hides items like blenders, a stand mixer, toaster or cooking utensils out of plain sight, and a well-organized garage is no different in taking that same approach to clutter. - Vault Garage

    Vault Storage Systems

    Photo courtesy of Vault Storage

    The Orlando family is demanding both highly functional and adaptable storage systems. The trends that we see in the garage are cabinets up off of the floor, which creates a feeling of more space and also does not provide any hiding place for dirt or pests. Another trend is adaptable Wall Systems. In order to have an organized garage, overtime the storage system must have the ability to be easily changed. Our Wall Systems allow Orlando families to easily rearrange cabinets, baskets, shelves, bike mounts, and more.- Garage Design Works

    Garages are the largest entryway to your home and should be kept clean, organized, and well lit. Garage Grade cabinet systems from EncoreGarage with integrated lighting to organize all the small items that clutter most garages. Cover the sidewalls of the garage in heavy-duty slatwall to hang your garden tools, toys, sports equipment, and more. Make best use of the ceiling with overhead storage racks to suspend seasonal items and bicycles from the ceiling.  To complete the transformation be certain to update the floor of the garage with a professional floor coating system from EncoreGarage. - EncoreGarage

    Install a wall-mounted board with hooks and magnetic strips for tool storage. It’s easy to maintain and everything stays visible, so you know exactly what you have and where items belong. - Making Space Organization

    Consider upgrading your flooring

    Many people are looking at cleaning up their garage as it is often the primary entry point into the home. The garage floor is often overlooked as an upgrade opportunity, as most people aren’t aware that a better solution exists vs. the store-bought kits which stain easily and peel from hot tires. At Granite Garage Floors we professionally install an industrial quality coating system that Looks and Last Like Granite. Our systems are durable, chemical resistant, easy to clean, and our guaranteed not to peel from hot tires!  With a large selection of finishes to choose from that look like granite, quartz, metallic, or stone, we are certain to have something to give your Garage Floor a Makeover that it desperately deserves! - Granite Garage Floors

    Optimization of your garage should include the garage's largest feature-it's floor!  Epoxy floor coatings have evolved over the past few decades and a professionally installed floor will last for decades.  Very cost-effective when you consider the life of the floor and the ability to clean and protect your concrete floor increases this value.  Making your garage floor easy to clean, and adding color are two huge organizational features you gain with an epoxy garage floor coating. - Amazing Garage Floors

    Your garage should not be seen as the forgotten child of the home and it all starts with a flooring makeover. Just like a new car you would want to keep clean; you should want to keep your new garage floor clean as well. With endless options for storage, bins, and wall-mounted shelves there is no reason to keep taking up valuable garage floor space with these items. - Armorpoxy

    Have a tool organization system in place

    One of our favourite ways to maximize garage storage is to incorporate slatwall or pegboard in spaces that would otherwise go unused. Whichever you choose, you'll have a blank canvas for organizing tools, power cords, and other odds and ends that often clutter up a garage. Most of our custom garage storage projects include one or both of these materials; our customers find countless ways to put them to use. - Pacific Panel Products

    Olsa Tools Tool Organization

    To make the most out of your garage space, it is all about smart solutions that maximize every inch of your garage. Olsa Tools, a professional hand tool company that has been making affordable tool-truck-quality tools and organizers for over 5 years, has several products that will help you organize your tools! Their product lineup is filled with great products backed by a warranty, 30-day risk-free returns and a satisfaction guarantee, but their Magnetic Socket Holder is a favourite! The Socket Holder will save valuable space inside your toolbox and make it easier for you to find the sockets you need quickly, plus the strong magnets mean that this can be mounted to any steel surface (even the side of your toolbox). Check out all of their tool organizers that are sure to help you save space in your garage! - Olsa Tools

    The options are only limited by your imagination here. Pegboard is remarkably versatile. You can easily store craft supplies, gardening tools, power tools, and camping gear. You can hang just about anything if you take careful consideration of how you hang heavier items. Now everything in your garage can finally have a home! - Webfoot Concrete Coatings

    Rent storage for any excess

    Rent a small storage unit for items you don't use on a regular basis - the perfect solution for holiday decorations! - Hollywood Storage Center

    Originally published on Redfin