5 Best Ways to Organize Your Sockets

Organizing Your Sockets

Tools can become very expensive over time especially if they are not taken good care of. Sockets are no exceptions. Over the years you might begin to accumulate and lose sockets, more particularly the dreaded 10mm sockets. This practice can get expensive over time.

One of the best ways to avoid losing any more sockets is to organize them with socket organizers. No more situations where your sockets are cluttered around your garage and you wasting time searching to the correct sockets. There 5 different ways you can organize and sort all your sockets. We'll take a look at them all.

5 Types Socket Organizers

1) Socket Organizer Railing System

Aluminum Socket Organizer RailThe rail-based socket organizer has pre-installed socket clips that help anchor and keep the sockets in place. Each individual clips have ball-bearings built into the clips that enable you to lock your sockets on the clips and prevent them from sliding off. This locking mechanism of the clips also allows you to hang the socket rail on the wall and save more space for other tools

In addition, the materials for the socket organizer railing system will vary from plastic to aluminum.  I suggest getting yourself the aluminum socket organizer because they will last much longer than a railing system made of plastic.

2) Plastic Socket Storage Trays

Socket Storage Tray OrganizerThe plastic socket tray containers are great for keeping your sockets in tool drawers or any areas which will not move. The reason for this is that they do not have a locking mechanism. They simply have a plastic post or knobs that your sockets can slide onto. Also, the majority of socket tray containers are made of plastic body base with plastic post or knobs that allow you to slide your sockets into place. They are the cheapest option for organizing all your sockets, easy to maintain, and does not need any installation.

The main concern you have to be aware off is the durability of the plastic when it comes to socket storage trays. You want to make sure that the plastic is made of ABS or polypropylene, which are more durable plastic.

3) Socket Magnetic Organizer

Magnetic Socket OrganizerThe Magnetic sockets holders have built-in magnets that help hold your sockets in place. Also, selected magnetic holders that built in holes or grove that allows you to insert and secure your sockets into place. The magnetic socket holders also have a portable option which allows you to carry your sockets with you wherever you work.

4) Portable Pouch Organizer

The portable pouch organizer, which is also called socket roll, allows you to organize and secure your sockets along with other tools by fitting them tightly into a nylon loop.

The pouch socket organizer can lay openly flat on the surface that allows you to get the appropriate sockets out of the pouch. The pouch can then roll back into its previous form and securely shut.

Another benefit to using a pouch organizer is that they are easy to clean and does not take up a lot of space when it's not in use.

5) Inserts for Tool Drawers

The socket inserts for tool drawer can easily be confused with socket storage trays; however, the main difference is that the insert is simply a cut out of the socket organizer. The inserts have open cutouts which are identical to the various shapes and sizes of sockets.

In addition, drawer inserts allow you to expand your storage capacity and customize your drawers.

The main issue with cutouts is that they not deep (a quarter of an inch depth). As result, if you open/close your drawer with force, you could dislodge the sockets of their inserts. 


Organizing the sockets is one of the best ways of decluttering your garage. By having your sockets stored and organized, it will give you easy access to them when you need them in the future. Whatever socket holder you select, make sure to select the one that works well for you.