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5 Best Ways to Organize Your Sockets

Organizing Sockets

Best Ways To Organize Sockets

Tools are an expensive investment and can be more-so if they are not taken care of, sockets are no exceptions. Over the years you might begin to accumulate and lose sockets, more particularly the dreaded 10mm sockets; replacing these sockets will get expensive over time!

The best method for organizing sockets are socket organizers. We have 5 different ways that you can keep your sockets organized in your workspace in just minutes, so that you can avoid wasted time searching for misplaced sockets.

5 Types Socket Organizers

1) Socket Rail Organizer 

Aluminum Socket Organizers

Socket rail organizers are a compact and lightweight organizer system. This organizer comes in either plastic or aluminum, however, for improved strength and a lifetime of reliability you should only consider the aluminum rails.

The Olsa Tools aluminum socket organizer has pre-installed socket clips that help anchor and keep your sockets in place. Each individual clips has a ball bearing that enables you to lock your sockets on the clips and prevents them from falling off. Plus, this locking mechanism allows you to hang the socket rail on the wall, allowing you to save space in your toolbox. With a 3 pc set you can quickly store up to 58 sockets (16x - 1/2-inch, 24x - 1/4-inch, 18x - 3/8-inch drive sockets). This is a great way for organizing sockets and do it like a professional. The set is also available in 7 colors to match your toolbox set up!

2) Socket Storage Trays

ABS Plastic Socket Trays

Socket storage trays are a great option for stationary socket organization where you don’t need portability. They are designed with pegs/posts that are labelled and can hold a large number of sockets making them great for large sets of sockets. This design makes all of your sockets easy to identify and prevents them from sliding around in your drawers. The Olsa Tools plastic socket tray comes in either a 6 piece 2 row or a 6 piece 3 row versions capable of holding up to 86 or 261 sockets. These are the most affordable option for organizing all of your sockets, are easy to maintain, and do not need any installation. Our plastic trays are made with ABS plastic which is a considerably more durable plastic material. At Olsa Tools we want you to have the best quality products! 

3) Portable Magnetic Socket Organizer 

Portable Magnetic Socket Organizer

The portable magnetic socket organizers has ultra-strong rare earth (neodymium) magnets that hold your sockets securely in the organizer while also securing the loaded tray onto any steel surface. Thanks to this clever design you will also be able to carry around your sockets anywhere you need. Have peace of mind knowing that these portable magnetic socket holders secure your sockets quickly and make your job easier to complete! Store up to 28 of your sockets in the 3/8" Drive, 26 sockets in the 1/4", and 22 sockets in the 1/2" drive.

4) Magnetic Socket Organizer 

Magnetic Socket Trays

Organizing sockets can be the easiest task of your job when you have the right holder. How you care for your them will impact how long they will look like new and last! Our best selling professional-grade magnetic socket organizer, can store up to 75 of your 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2"  Metric or 65 SAE sockets in the same place. Meaning that all of your sockets will always be within an arm's reach making your job easier. The powerful magnetic tray is engineered with a sturdy ferrite magnet base that will effortlessly keep your sockets attached to any steel surface so you can mount it to the outside of your toolbox, on your hoist for easy access or even upside down!

5) Socket Organizer Tray with Handle

The perfect hybrid organizers that offers a high amount of socket storage and portability. This metal socket organizer tray is a combination of the socket rails and a portable socket tray. Our Socket Organizer Tray With Handle has a convenient handle that allows you to securely store your sockets on locking clips with a detent ball bearing that are mounted onto a rail. You can store up to 80 of your sockets (20 x 1/4" drive, 30 x 3/8" drive, 30 x 1/2") and you can customize the layout by sliding clips on or off the rails. You can store impact, chrome, deep and shallow sockets on this tray as it is compatible with all sockets.


What is the best way to organize sockets? The answer to this question will vary depending on how you use sockets in your job. No matter what you choose, make sure that it is made from professional-quality materials, and has a warranty that supports its claim of reliability and durability, so you can have your tool organizer for many years. Having your sockets stored and organized will give you easy access to them, saving you from wasting time and being frustrated when looking for sockets. You can check out our entire selection of socket organizers here

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