Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Impact Sockets

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Impact Sockets

Professional Set Of Impact Sockets

Are you thinking about investing in the best impact sockets? Having good quality tools not only applies to your impact power tools but also applies to your impact sockets set.

No matter the job, you will need to use the best set of tools to get it done right. This blog will help you decide how to choose a professional-grade impact socket set that is the perfect fit for your line of work. 

Impact Sockets Types

The variation in the different types of sockets, such as the materials used, wall thickness and depth, impact their performance considerably.

At Olsa Tools we offer a professional grade Cr-Mo 1/2-inch drive deep or shallow sets. Which is the one you need? 

Both deep and shallow sockets have their own set of advantages and differences. Understanding their differences is what you will need to find out which is the one that works best for your needs. However, you may find out that having both sets is the best option for you. 


Impact Sockets - Olsa Tools

Deep sockets are used to get to nuts fastened onto bolts where threads are too long to be reached by the shallow socket. Our deep sockets are 78 mm (3-1/16”) long. This makes them capable of moving over a longer bolt’s exposed threads and not collapsing before hitting the nut.

They are also used to tighten and loosen wheel nuts, making deep sockets desired by mechanics and car professionals. Another convenient application is that they can be used as an alternative for a shallow socket in some cases, giving them a great range of uses. 


Impact Socket Set

On the other hand, shallow sockets are considered the “classic” socket type. They are designed to work on nuts that are an inch or less away from the bolt’s shaft. In addition, they’re also used to work in tight spaces where the deep ones can’t fit into. Our shallow sockets are 38-40 mm (1-½”) length.

Features You Need To Consider 

1) Quality Materials

The quality in which any tool is designed is what matters the most. Especially when working with high-force impact drivers. Make sure to take into consideration that the socket set is engineered with industrial-grade Chromium Molybdenum (Cr-Mo) steel. Since this is the material used for quality impact sockets. 

2) Wall Thickness

The Cr-Mo steel that these impact sockets are made with offers increased strength and shatter resistance, improving their durability while maintaining a thinner wall design and a heavier weighted socket.  The extended mass of these walls supports the repeated impacts from the impact wrench without damaging or deforming the socket.

Thin Walled Impact Sockets

3) Easy Portability

The number of pieces inside an impact socket set requires protection, organization and portability. Our impact sockets come with a long-lasting carrying case for safe storage and quick organization of your set.

Impact Sockets With Case

4) Variety Of Sizes

You know the range of sockets you can use on a daily basis. Therefore, getting a set that contains the most popular sizes is crucial. Our impact sockets come in SAE and Metric with the most frequent sizes included. For a rapid and more simple socket selection, pick one with large font size stamping and high visibility laser-etched markings. 

Impact Sockets With Markings

5) Satisfaction Warranty 

Make sure that your investment is protected when purchasing new tools. Products with a satisfaction & lifetime warranty are the best option that you have for peace of mind knowing that the buying manufacturers are committed to offering high standard tools. 


Impacts Sockets Review

For keeping a productive workflow, professional mechanics use these sockets in more tools than impact wrenches and guns. Having the best impact sockets with a variety of sizes is essential to all mechanics. We hope that this guide has helped you to understand some of the details that you need when it comes to buying a new set of impact sockets. Just make sure to choose the right set that best fits your needs. You can check out the selection of our impact sockets below:

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Professional Set Of Impact Sockets

Professional Set of Impact Sockets


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