Buying Guide: Best Breaker Bars

Published by Kima Sargsyan on Sep 18, 2019

Finding The Best Breaker Bars

Why do you need a breaker bar?

best breaker barA breaker bar used with socket wrench-style sockets can assist you in taking apart any machine. Due to its length breaker bar allows with the same amount of force to generate significantly more torque than just with a socket wrench. For taking apart machinery and removing rusted nuts and bolts, you will need the right quality breaker bar. However, finding one may not be an easy job. Organize your sockets with Olsa tools socket organizers.

Breakers Bars: Features You Need

When searching online for a breaker bar, you will find lots of options and even other tools. To make your job a little easier, we have created this buying guide. Here are what matters when choosing a breaker bar:


Number one thing that matters when selecting a breaker bar is the quality. You should pay attention to the material that the tool is made of. Only the breaker bar made of high-quality steel is worth the money. Any other content will most probably break once you apply a little bit more force. Options of high-quality steel are:

Alloy steel
Forged steel
Chrome Steel

Another thing to pay attention to is the coating. A chrome coating will protect the tool from rust and give it that shiny look.

Comfort Grip:

The grip of the tool should be comfortable and firm in order not to slip from your hands. Sometimes the metallic handle of a breaker bar can get slippery, so always try the tool before buying it.


To get the job done, you will need the right amount of leverage. If an average amount of force were enough, then most probably you would do it with a wrench. Breaker bar adds advantage, and that is why it is that needed. The longer the bar is, the higher is the leverage. But no need to buy the longest one as breaking bar 15 and 24 inches should be enough for general use.

Head Rotation:

The head is the part of the tool that attaches to the nut or bolt that you are removing. A breaking bar that has a fully rotating head means it can spin 360 degrees. Look for a breaking bar that has a leader with at least 180 degrees of rotation. This will give you accessibility to tight and tricky spaces.

Overall Size:

Look for a size that is comfortable to use for you. The great tools often are not portable and are hard to carry around.
When dealing with tough nuts and bolts, you need the right quality tools, something that can do the job. A breaking bar is not an exception. Our today’s guide will help you quickly choose one and add it to your toolbox.