Buyers Guide: The 4 Best Pry Bars

Buyers Guide: The 4 Best Pry Bars

Pry bars can be used for a wide variety of tasks, whether you work in home improvement, automotive repair or DIY projects; and there are different types of pry bars that can be very versatile or ones that are meant for specific activities. If you’re looking for the perfect pry bar for pulling nails, lifting, levering or prying things apart, we’ve gathered 4 of the most common types and have a full breakdown on their features and specific use cases allowing you to choose the most suitable one for the job.

7 Parts Of A Pry Bar 

Rolling Head Pry Bar

Olsa Tools Rolling Head Pry Bar

These pry bars are one of the classiest models in the market. The tool has a rolling head hook end that makes it easy to pry apart large objects, the other end features a tapered spike that is perfect for lining up things such as steel, metal parts and pieces of equipment, helping with easier and more accurate assembly. The Olsa Tools rolling head pry bar has this design and is able to withstand over 1400 lbf-in. 

Separating two pieces of equipment can be a chore, but this tool will make this job easier as it is an easy way to apply leverage between objects, this is thanks to the 90º angle that is also designed for you to effortlessly get into tight and cramped spaces.

Indexing Pry Bar

Olsa Tools Indexing Pry Bar

These pry bars feature one of the newest designs available. The adjustable indexing mechanism is ideal for use in low-access areas where a standard pry bar simply won’t give enough lift and leverage. If you’re looking for a pry bar that works at fixed angles with ease and helps you do it with a minimal amount of effort, this Olsa Tools indexing pry bar is built for you. The push-button angle selection features multiple locking positions to calibrate your prying angle making it ideal for a wide array of applications. The knurled handle is engineered for a secure, strong and comfortable grip so that you can complete any project with maximum efficiency and not waste time!

Extendable Indexing Pry Bar

Olsa Tools Extendable Indexing Pry Bar

An extendable pry bar features the same benefits of the previously mentioned pry bars, but adds the functionality of a telescoping shaft to get the perfect length for any job and easier to transport from job to job! This Olsa Tools extendable pry bar is multipurpose by being able to extend from 13.3”-18.5”, you just need to push the extension button and adjust the pry bar to the desired length. Plus, the indexing head has 12 locking positions which will make it easy to accommodate a wider range of jobs.

Heavy-duty Pry Bar

Olsa Tools Heavy Duty Pry Bar

Heavy duty or impact pry bars are specially designed for deeper prying by being able to withstand the impacts exerted by hammers or mallets. The bar has a steel striking cap that is meant to make direct contact with the end of the tool so that the force of each strike is transferred directly to the tip that is making contact with the material, delivering extra strength and support. Non-impact rated bars might break if you apply impact directly to them, with an impact pry bar this won’t happen. If you will be doing any heavy-duty-related project like repositioning engines or heavy machinery and aligning massive steel panels, this Olsa Tools striking pry bar set will have your back.

Impact Pry Bar

Pry Bar Material

Pry bars aren’t meant for delicate work. You’ll be working on many heavy-duty projects, and that requires you to invest in a tool that resists the busiest of workshops to ensure professional-grade and lifetime reliability. The Olsa Tools rolling head, indexing and extendable pry bars are made from Chrome Vanadium (Cr-V) steel to deliver industrial grade quality. 

On the other hand, the purpose of a heavy-duty pry bar needs from an impact-resistant material for optimal and safe results, ours is made from SVCM steel which is carefully engineered for impact-related products. They all come with a limited lifetime warranty, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a 90-days risk-free return policy so that you have more peace of mind with your purchase.

What’s The Best Pry Bar?

Pry bars can be used for similar purposes, but each type has features that are best suited for different situations. You have a lot of options to choose from so the smartest idea is to pick a pry bar that accomplishes your most frequently completed job. If you need a ton of leverage, your best choice might be an extendable indexing pry bar, but if you are looking for a tool for heavier-duty environments, an impact pry bar could be the best for you. The rolling head and indexing prying tools are also great options and will ensure you work easier and faster while prying things apart. Shop our tools below:

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