6 Point vs. 12 Point Sockets & Wrenches: What’s The Difference?

6 Point vs. 12 Point Sockets & Wrenches: What’s The Difference?

Is a 6-point socket or wrench design better than a 12-point? Sockets and wrenches usually come in either of these two variations and both have their own set of benefits and specific use cases that can make one versus the other better depending on the job at hand. A general statement can’t be made as to which one is better, but we’ll break down the distinctions between 6 point vs 12 point sockets and wrenches so that you have a better understanding of how each type can make a difference in your jobs to work on different types of fasteners.


Olsa Tools 6-point Impact Sockets

The most notable feature in 6 point vs. 12 point sockets or wrenches is the design. A 6-point tool is engineered to withstand higher torque amounts as the teeth within the tool (socket or wrench) are larger and have more material to grip onto fasteners with. Our Olsa Tools sockets have an additional feature to them, off-corner loading. Off-corner loading means that the contact of the tool on the fastener is on the flats of the fastener to prevent rounding the corners of the fastener. You can notice this feature by looking at the point within the socket and seeing that the corners are slightly cut away. At Olsa Tools, both our offset bolt extractor wrench set, impact socket set and chrome socket set have a 6-point design. 

This design structure makes them capable of withstanding greater torque application than a 12-point design and also reduces the chances of rounding your fasteners which saves your time and helps you in preventing damage and wasting time. However the downside of a 6-point socket or wrench is that the engagement arc is much larger; this means that your ability to turn your fastener and re-adjust the tool is much larger, which could be a problem in tighter spaces where to achieve the desired tightness or getting the right position to break off a stuck fastener could be more difficult. 



12 point vs 6 point sockets and wrenches: Olsa Tools 12-point wrench


A 12-point socket or wrench is most for any light-duty jobs that you may have from day to day but it doesn’t mean that it is any better than the 6 point. Compared with a 6-point wrench or socket, the 12-point makes it easier to put the wrench onto the fastener due to the number of teeth giving it a smaller engagement area. Our 15-piece combination wrench set features this precise 12-point design and also has a 15-degree angle offset, making it easier to reach around obstructions. Having a 12-point wrench is also great for when you need to loosen damaged fasteners heads, but If you need to work in heavy-duty tasks that require extreme torque application, the smaller teeth and slim walls make them more to cause rounding of the fastener when too much torque is applied. 

Finally, the battle of 6 point vs 12 point sockets and wrenches has come to an end. As you can see there is no definitive answer as to which is better, as with all tools of any trade, tools are designed for a specific purpose and each will serve you best if you know when to use what tool. When you need to work on heavy-duty tasks or apply extreme torque, the six-point design is the best choice, and if you are working on a motorcycle repair or lightweight project or you don’t have enough space, the 12-point socket or wrench comes in handy. 

With our impact sockets, chrome sockets, extractor and combination wrenches you can have both designs that are perfectly engineered to fit your different projects and specific jobs. The biggest thing to look for in tools whether it be a new addition or replacing an old set is that you are ultimately going to need tools that guarantee many years of professional use and give you reliability to get the job done. You can have the peace of mind that with Olsa Tools you are getting these benefits. Plus, we back you with a limited lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a 30-day risk-free return policy to support our claim of professional-quality products.

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