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About Us

Our Story

The story of Olsa Tools began in 2015 with Charles Marois, our founder. An avid car lover and tinkerer, he likes to keep things organized. After a frustrating afternoon searching for tools during what should have been a simple project, he decided to find a better way to organize his hex bits that wouldn’t break the bank. After countless hours of searching and reviewing existing tool organizers, he found a solution and we released our first product – a magnetic hex bit organizer. Over the past five years, we’ve become renowned for the durability of our products and the friendliness of our customer support.

From day one, Charles has ensured Olsa Tools operates according to our core values, which continue to guide us today.

Our Tools and How They Are Made

Our mission guides us to manufacture the best professional quality tools & organizers while offering them at an affordable price with no middleman. Our tools are made in Taiwan, and this information is visible in the specifications section of each product. We hire only the best in the business to design, test and produce our tools to ensure that they exceed ASME™ & ISO standards & certifications, life expectancy measures and, most importantly, your expectations.

During our production process, we also have all of our tools professionally tested by local heavy-duty service shops located in Nisku, Alberta, Canada’s oil capital.

Our Commitment To Quality

Every product we build is designed to be right in your toolbox. Made from the highest quality materials and tested to ensure they stand up to a lifetime of use, our tool organizers save time, keep your workspace clean, and make sure you never lose “that” socket, wrench or tool again.

All Olsa Tools products are backed by 30-Day Risk-Free Returns, ourLimited Lifetime Warranty, and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower mechanics to achieve more in everyday projects by providing them with accessible, high-quality tools and accessories that accompany them for a lifetime.

Our Core Values

We believe in extreme ownership; taking responsibility for our actions and results.

We believe in craftsmanship and take pride in the quality of design and functionality of our products.

We believe in treating everyone the way we’d want to be treated.

We believe in efficiency; achieving the best results possible with the minimum wasted resources we have.

We believe in creating an environment of collaboration between our people to fuel creativity and unify our team.

We believe in having fun at work and in life.

Our Team

Headshot of Charles Marois

Charles Marois

Chief Executive Officer

Charles loves using tools to work on his snowmobile, quad, truck and sharing the knowledge with his kids.

Headshot of Fernand Gonzales

Fernand Gonzales

VP of Operations

Fernand loves to spend time working on his turbo Miata. On his free time, he loves hitting the bags at his boxing gym.

Headshot of Tom Gladden

Tom Gladden

Chief Financial Officer

Tom enjoys being physically active, and spends a lot of time playing hockey, tennis, skiing, biking and is learning to play and enjoy golf.

Headshot of Alex Raymond

Alex Raymond

Marketing Manager

Alex is always staying active by biking/working out/hiking & when not, he is usually out driving somewhere as a favorite pastime.

Headshot of Eric Lin

Eric Lin

Supply Chain Manager

Eric enjoys being physically active, and spends a lot of time playing golf, hiking and biking.

Headshot of Nathan Ryhard

Nathan Ryhard

Product Manager

Nathan is a tinkerer at heart and enjoys fixing up his old Fiat Sport Spider on the weekends.

Headshot of Mark Tubera

Mark Tubera

Social Media Manager

Mark is a Raptors fan, enjoys shooting hoops, and loves to stay in shape by lifting bumper weights overhead.

Headshot of Darren Poon

Darren Poon

Logistics Coordinator

Darren loves to travel. He spends his free time watching sports, listening to music, and playing games.

Headshot of Lis Arroyo

Lis Arroyo

Product Lister & Copywriter

Lis is crazy about books, loves to travel. She's also a crossfitter, a volleyball player, and a vegan for the animals.

Headshot of Nestor Talavera

Nestor Talavera

General Virtual Assistant

Nestors favourite activities are working out, listening to music and playing COD Warzone.

Headshot of Ernesto Moran

Ernesto Moran

Graphic Designer

Ernesto has an awesome life soundtrack. When he's not working, he is boxing at the gym, playing video games, watching movies or eating.

Headshot of Gabi Crespo

Gabi Crespo

Content Writer

Gabi loves reading and painting mandalas. Cooking is her therapy, and she enjoys trying new meals and eating out with her friends and family.