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Empty Olsa Tools screwdriver rails laying flat on an angle.
Screwdriver organizers with 16 screwdrivers laying on them in an alternating pattern.
Closeup of the ends of the Olsa Tools screwdriver rack.
Empty Olsa Tools screwdriver rails laying flat.
Screwdriver rails with 16 alternating screwdrivers inside a black toolbox drawer. They are all laying on top of a black toolbox liner.
Screwdriver Rail

Screwdriver Organizer Rails - Heavy Duty Low Profile ScrewdriverRail Rack Set For Toolbox Drawers - Holds Up To 14 Screwdrivers

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All Your Screwdrivers In One Place

Built specially for your convenience and organization. These screwdriver rails are a must have tool organizer for all mechanics and tradespeople.

Save Space In Your Toolbox

The Olsa Tools 2 piece low-profile screwdriver drawer organizers will help you get your loose screwdrivers out of the way and make more room for more tools in your tool box.

Heavy Duty Non-Slip TPR Material

Constructed with high grade thermoplastic rubber to maximize grip, these nonslip screwdriver rails will stay put in your toolbox without trouble; even with rough tool drawer handling.

Reduce Your Tool Box Clutter

Are your screwdrivers rolling around in your toolchest? Say goodbye to your cluttered tool chest drawers and get organized today.

Olsa Tools Trust

Customer Satisfaction and money-back guarantee. At Olsa Tools, we stand behind quality you can trust. If your new screw driver rail set has any sort of manufacturer's defects, we will replace it for you FREE OF CHARGE.