Magnetic Hex Bit Organizer

Is the base of the Olsa Tools Magnetic Hex Bit organizer magnetic?

 Yes, the base is magnetic and quite strong

Is there a difference between the blue and red magnetic hex bit organizers?

 No difference other than color

Can the Olsa Tools Magnetic Hex Bit Organizer hold grinder bits?

 Yes, it can hold bits with ¼” shank, it works well with bits 1” to 3” long

Does the Magnetic Hex Bit Organizer come in different colors?

 Yes, you can get the hex bit holder in red or blue


Socket Holders

Can I mix and match colors and drive sizes for the 3 pcs kit of socket holders?

 Unfortunately, you can't. The three piece kits are all packaged the same way and are stored at a fulfillment center, we cannot mix and match them. These kits are offered as a package deal.

Are the Olsa Tools Socket Holders available in several colors?

 Yes, you can get them in anodized red and anodized blue

Can you buy additional plastic clips for the socket holders?

 Yes, you can buy additional clips for the socket holders, available in ¼”, 3/8” and ½” drive. You can find them in the accessories tab or search: CP140210 or CP380210 or CP120210

Are the socket rails magnetic?

 No, the socket holder rails are not magnetic

Is the whole assembly of the socket holders made out of aluminum?

 The rail itself is made out of aluminum but the clips are made out of heavy-duty plastic

Can the socket rails be cut in half?

 Yes you can cut the rails if you wanted to. You might need extra vinyl end caps, which will be available soon

Do the socket rails come with ID stickers?

 No they do not come with ID stickers


Magnetic Screwdriver Organizer (tool organizer)

Is the magnetic screwdriver organizer only for screwdrivers?

 No, it is a tool organizer that works well with screwdrivers but you can use it for many different tools like ratchets, extensions, spanners, etc. The clips are made out of heavy duty plastic. 

Is the magnet strong enough to mount in a work van?

Yes, the magnet is quite strong and should hold well in a work van, depending on the shape of the tools the clips are holding and how you're driving :)

Can the Magnetic Screwdriver Organizer be mounted to the wall with screws?

No, there are no holes to screw the organizer. It's magnetic, its purpose is to stick to a metal surface.

Can you buy additional clips for the Magnetic Screwdriver Organizer?

Yes, you can find them in our "Accessories" section, or search: YAC10

Can you remove clips from the Magnetic Screwdriver Organizer?                        

Yes, you just have to slide them off the rail.

Can you get the Magnetic Screwdriver Organizer in another color than red?        

Not at the moment.


Where are Olsa Tools products made?

Olsa Tools products are made in Taiwan

Do you offer expedited shipping in USA?                                                                  

Yes, at checkout, you'll have to type in your shipping address and you'll have to choose between Standard, Expedited and Priority shipping, prices vary according to your location. 

Do you ship worldwide?                                                                                              

Not at the moment, we only serve USA and Canada.


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