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All About Allen Hex Keys: Common Types

June 14th, 2019 by Kima Sargsyan

Best Hex Keys Set

How to Find the Best Hex Keys Set

Hex Allen KeyIf you have ever done repair work on a motorcycle or bicycle or has put together a ready to assemble furniture you most probably have used Hex Allen keys (also known as a hex keys or hex wrenches). Below we will talk about the most common styles of Allen keys. Of course, many will argue that most Hex Keys Set will get the job done, but knowing the different types that exist and being able to choose the right tool for the right job will be more productive and probably deliver better results.

Types of Hex Key Set

1. L-Shaped:

The L-Shaped Hex Keys is an old classic. It is the most common Hex Allen Key, and you can buy in any tool store. We recommend you get this Hex Key Set with an extractor at Olsa Tools. The extractor Hex Key allows you to remove stripped or damaged hex screws.  The L-shape hex key will enable you to reach hard, accessible places and also provides leverage when required. The thing is that you will need more than one set. Also, it can be quite uncomfortable in the hand if you have to use it for an extended period.

2. T-Handle:

The T-handle Allen keys mostly have motorsport application. The T shape helps to balance the tool in your hand and makes it easier to spin the wrench quickly. If you have a set of t-handle and need an organizer to sort them out, make sure to check out these T-Handle Holders.

3. P-Handle:

The P-Handle hex wrenches are a combination of L-Shaped and T-Handle Allen keys. They provide significant leverage as L-Shaped hex keys and the speed of T-Handle.

4. Three-way: The three-way Allen key usually combines the three most commonly used sizes in one tool. You can build much of your bike just using this tool. However, the triangular shape and also the short length of this tool causes many problems while using it. Some tasks are prolonged and sometimes even impossible with three-way Allen key.

Ratchet: Ratchets come in different sizes and varieties. The best ones use replaceable bits, which helps to keep the tool’s profile thin. Moreover, the bits of ratchets can also be put to use in an electric drill.

Screwdriver-style: This type is useful when there is a tight clearance and when low torque is needed. The screwdriver style hex key set will provide a comfortable grip when used.

The choices differ, and what works for one mechanic may not be ideal for another. But if you are a starting mechanic a good quality set of L-shaped Allen keys should work for you. However, the professionals will find the benefits of every type of Allen keys in different circumstances.

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