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Best Screwdriver Organizer | Buyers Guide

April 2nd, 2019 by Mark Tubera

Screwdriver Organizer - What To Look For

If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you have your screwdrivers scattered along with your tool drawers. You are looking for the best solution to organize them so you can find the correct size screwdrivers the instant you need them. In this article, we will go through a few ways to organize all your screwdrivers.

Importance of Organizing Screwdrivers

Screwdriver Organizers Screwdrivers are an important part of your tool collection because the help secure various screws attach multiple surfaces to each other. You can use either at home or at your workplace. When you have the correct screwdriver in your tool collection you can easily remove or add additional screws to any platforms.

A lot of modern screwdrivers available in the market come with magnetic handles and replaceable screw tips. This implementation helps with the tool organization and is a far more efficiently economical compared to buying various screwdriver sizes.

Screwdriver Organizer

The screwdriver holders nowadays are composed of the aluminum rails with movable clips that can be attached or detached to the rails. The clips can accommodate different sized screwdrivers. It is the one tool organizer that is a must-have for any workshop and garages due to its importance.

DIY Screwdriver Organizers

The Do-It-Yourself method of making your own screwdriver holder is an alternative to simply purchasing the tool organizer. It requires more time and creativity; however, the satisfaction you get from creating something from "scratch" could be worth the effort. By doing it yourself, you can also customize your screwdriver holder to your preference such as the size of the apparatus, magnetic base, or customizable clips. The choices are endless. 

Buying Your Screwdriver Holder

 On the other hand, if creating your own screwdriver organizer is just too much work for you, then buying your screwdriver holder is the most logical option. You can purchase magnetic screwdriver holders that you can attach to the sides of your toolbox. The Olsa Tools Magnetic Screwdriver Organizer will help you accomplish this task. Or you can purchase Magnetic Screwdriver Set that you can simply slide and snap your screwdrivers while placing it inside your tool drawers.

Magnetic Screwdriver Organizer 

Here is a video review of the magnetic screwdriver holder:


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